Cracked Amp Bleeding Nipples

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brookejl - February 26

My nipples became cracked and began to bleed a day after my daughter was born. Everything I've read says it's caused from poor latching or positioning. I experienced soreness from the beginning, and I had two nurses (one who is the nursing specialist) observe nursing, and they both said she was latched on correctly. The specialist said she probably just sucks very hard. I've been pumping to give my nipples a break, and I started nursing again recently. It's going well so far, but starting to get a little sore again. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM??? AND HOW CAN I FIX IT???


Tammy276 - February 26

buy some of that lanoline cream to put on your nipples when you are done nursing. You can buy it in the baby department. Just check the label...some of them are safe to keep on if baby needs to feed again soon, but some of them need to be washed off. I bought the one that is safe to keep on the b___st and it helps with the cracking and keeps them moisturized.


Mommy_to_be - February 26

Brooke...I felt your pain!! My daughter was jaundiced for the first week of her life- I didn't want to have to give her formula or have her hospitalized for treatment, so I fed her as recommended...EVERY 2 HOURS (aka 60 minutes between feedings!) Mine never bled, but I got several small blisters on my nipples, a couple of which broke and then were even more painful! Like tammy said, Lanoline cream worked for me. I think I used something called Lansolin (got it at Walmart) and it is one of the ones that doesn't need to be washed off. It's very thick and helped my nipples heal. My daughter didn't have an incorrect latch either...just a STRONG suck! It will get better soon...I'd say it was less and less excrutiating til around 3 weeks pp and then it was painless. Good luck and hang in there!


olivia - February 26

buy and wear soothies brand gel pads for at least 3 weeks. they were a lifesaver for my first who was a real strong sucker and left me with a large crack. you can buy them at cvs or some grocery stores right next to the lanolin. never air dry with a crack, keep the soothies on and the crack moist so it heals and does not form a hard scab. sorry about my typing.. ds has been eating all day....


mamagoose - February 27

I found b___stfeeding excruciatingly painful for the first 4-5 days, even though the lactaction consultant said my latch was perfect... I just slathered myself in Lansinoh after every feeding, and grit my teeth through the pain... Then it started getting much better. Stick with it! I'm at day 18 of b___stfeeding now, and there is absolutely no pain and I don't need the Lansinoh anymore.


oncemore - February 27

good tips for you! stick with it! A cheap way that the lactation nurse at the hospital told me is use olive oil (or even veggie oil) on the nipples after each feeding. I got cracked, bleeding and bruised nipples with my first child and did what the nurse recommened and it worked great! It took a couple of weeks to grit and bare it but then got easier for me as well. After they stopped being sore, I didn't have to use the oil anymore. Keep those nips moist and clean I supose is the best advice. Best of luck!


Angelttc2 - March 2

I had the same problem!! DD had a good latch, but my nipples both cracked and bled. I used Lanolin too, and it worked well, but time is really the main thing. DD is now 2 months and bf is so easy! Just keep at it and good luck!


tryingx3 - March 2

I read somewhere to put your own b___stmilk on nipples after each feeding...I did that faithfully from the beginning and never had problems. I don't do it now at 5 mo unless I seem a little tender.


Ann1 - March 5

I had the same problem. I used the Lansinoh and rubbing on bmilk. It was still kiling me. The lactation cons at my pediatrician's office gave me a b___st shield made by Medela and told me to use Polysporin instead of Lansinoh. You put the soft, rubber shield over your nipple to feed until your nipples heal. That thing was a life saver!! You can by them at most baby stores. It only took a few days for healing for me.



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