Crying All The Time Milk Allergy Our Experience

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Erika - January 14

Hi all, Just thought I'd offer our experience in case any of you are experiencing the same thing. My daughter is 5 weeks - almost 6 - now and she's has been the fussiest non sleeper I've ever seen. Ever since we brought her home she stays awake most of the day and most of the time she's awake she's compaining/fussy/crying. We could never put her in her swing, she hated being swaddled, kept spitting out the pacifier - the only thing that kept her quiet is if I put her over my shoulder and walked around (not sit!). We took her to 3 different pediatricians, all of whom said that she was a difficult baby - because all of her growth vitals were perfect - and that hopefully she would grow out of it. Then we happened upon another doctor who is a toxicologist, who did a test on me and her and discovered that she's allergic to cow's milk, eggs, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, and green peppers. For two days now I've cut all of these foods out of my diet (i'm br___tfeeding exclusively) and she's has changed from night to day. She sleeps peacefully all of the time, and when she's awake she's quiet, interactive, likes to play and look around. Just thought I'd offer it out there as an option in case any of you might be in the same boat!


Jamie - January 14

Those are all foods that commonly cause problems in b___stfed babies; I'm not sure why. You could, in a month or two, slowly try to add those foods back into your diet, and see what happens.


lisa - January 14

my friends baby is 5 moinths they had same thing crying all the time, some docs kept saying b___st is best but finally they found out baby alergic to milk wheat and all dairy mother swapped to soy formula and whala


christy - January 14

what kind of test were run?


c - January 14

Breast milk does not contain lactose, so switching to soy formula is not the answer. Maybe mom should drink soy milk instead.


Kris10 - January 14

Jeeze Erika, what do you eat? Poor thing! My baby is sensitive to cow's milk too, so I have been cutting that out of my diet . I didn't realize how much of what I eat contains milk! It stinks, but I know it's whats best for my baby. Good for you for sticking with the b___st feeding. You're tough!


Erika - January 21

Hi, the test involved me holding a copper (i think) stick in the right hand while the doctor placed another metal "feeler" on the first two fingers of my left hand and with a computer he clicks on all diffrent types of food and your body gives a response that falls in the intollerant or tollerant category. When he did it to me alone, no intollerances showed up. Then I had to hold the baby and we redid the whole test and those particular foods came out. Fortunately she's ok with goat's milk so I'm eating a lot of goat's milk yogurt/cheese. But add all of the intollerant foods to the foods that bother babies anyway (beans, garlic, onions etc) and you're diet is pretty much limited to steak & spinach!


Christy - January 21

Erika, did a pediatrician do the test? I'm very interested in this and thanks for sharing your experience.


Erika - January 24

The guy was a toxicologist, not a pediatrician. He is an expert in food intollerances and younger kids. His office is filled with children covered in skin rashes and what not, and often they turn out to be from food.


Heidi - January 24

Emma gets really fussy and ga__sy when I was drinking milk too so I quit and she seems somewhat better. Chocolate seems to bother her pretty bad too.



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