Demand VS Scheduled Feedings

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ssmith - June 1

Hi. My daughter is almost 5 weeks old now. I'm just curious about demand feeding, and when it ends...if it ends. When do the feedings become more scheduled? Thanks!


Annette - June 1

My son is 3 months old and for us he started spacing feedings to every 3 hours when he was 6 weeks, but to the day he can still get hungry after only 1 1/2 hrs or fall sleep and forget about eating. It also depends on your milk supply. Don´t worry! Things DO get easier.


Trac - June 2

Breastfed babies do much better feeding on demand. I think a schedule is too hard on a baby so little. (If baby is happy, you will be happy so it benefits you as well to feed when baby wants it). Sometimes they need more or less. Also, they b___stfeed for comfort and touch not just food. Try for more reasons to feed on demand. Best of luck to you!


Susan W - June 2

Demand feeding, IMHO and I've been nursing for 21 months, is easier. But the baby will settle in a routine -- until the next growth spurt or teething or whatever! Hang in there . . .5 weeks is still EARLY!! I remember things settling down into a routine around 3 months, but every baby is different.


J - June 2

I don't really understand how scheduling a baby works. How can you deny food to a crying baby until a certain time. Is that what scheduling does?


angie m - June 2

I nursed all three of mine on demand and just thought that was what you were supposed to do. One of my friends had a neighbor who only nurse her 1 month old every 3 hours and was so streesed because her baby cried all the time and she didn't know why. I think both mommy and baby are happier when baby gets to nurse when they want to. And I agree with J how can you deny a crying little baby if you know all they need is to nurse to calm down and be happy.


ssmith - June 2

I am not denying a crying baby ANYTHING!! I was asking about a "schedule" so that I can resume some sort of life, which includes going out to do some shopping, seeing family and friends. It's hard when I don't know how much time I have before I will have to find some place where I can nurse her. Please DO NOT a__sume that my baby is crying in hunger because her mother refuses to feed her.


angie m - June 2

I am sorry that I offended you that was not at all what I wanted to do. I didn't think that you were letting your baby go hungery just that you where wondering if you should try getting her on a schedule. I was just sharing an experience that I had with some one that did put theres on one and what the results were. I never ment to insult you or tell you that you were starving your baby. Agian I am very sorry.


J - June 3

In the beginning if I wanted to go out I would feed her and quickly leave the house. I would really only have time to go to a store if I didn't want to have to feed her while out. I don't rememer exactly when it became easier to take her out but it does slowly become easier and less likely for her to become hungry all of a sudden. Even now at 8 months feedings are around 2-4 hours apart. I know around when she will eat but there are always variations. I would say demand feedings never end, they just become farther apart. Don't worry soon you will be spending much less time nursing and you'll be like me, not really remembering how often I nursed in the beginning (only that it felt like always!).


Emmie - June 3

My son is six weeks old and at first I always only fed him on demand and he would sometimes go 5 hours but the be up all night eating every 2 hours. Then I started feeding him every two hours during the day whether he was hungry or not and if he wanted to eat in between that time I went ahead and fed him. It made him sleep longer during the night. I guess I kind of did a mixture of both. During the night I fed him when ever he cried and during the day I fed him every two hours but if he got hungry inbetween I fed him then to. I hope that makes sense. Now he is pretty much on his own schedule he eats about every three hours during the day and sleeps about 4-6 hours in a row at night. Hope this helps.


Susan W - June 3

I used to have everything ready to roll, sit down and nurse and then quickly get in the car and go. They do reach a point at which you can sort of predict when they will be hungry and head it off. I also started with short trips I could manage in under an hour so I felt like I could handle it. I also learned very quickly to nurse in a sling so I could walk around, do what I needed to do and nurse discreetly :) But I recall times I didn't and sat on the lowest shelf in a store and nursed. . . sat in my car and nursed before entering the store (that was when we took a trip to a mall an hour away) . . . stuff like that, and heck with what everyone else thought -- better the baby nurses in public than cries, is the approach I took, and I'm super modest. But when visiting friends or family, just tell them you need to nurse and if they are uncomfortable, they are welcome to turn away. I also used my sling as a cover-up with great results. Hang in there. It will get easier here very soon.


C - June 14

I always fed on demand but as he got older the feedings got less and less. The first month was so hard and I remember just leaving the house was close to impossible.


galvquodi - June 17

Hi there, What I did was pump and prepare bottles to go out. This was after getting tired of popping my b___b out and people looking at me funny (they should really get a life but oh well). Then, my baby (who is 11 weeks old now) decided she did not like the bottle anymore! So, I invested $10 in a "feeding tent". It's a piece of cloth that completely surround you. you stick you kid underneath and it's made so you can still see her and she can see you but no one else. it works nicely. It's made by the First Years I think. I feed on demand. Babies know when they need to eat, we are not in their stomachs. Plus, b___stfed babies just do not overeat so no worries there. Good luck



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