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piratesmermaid - July 7

Hi all, I'm going to try br___tfeeding I've decided. I come from a formula background, so this is all new to me. My hubby is very very supportive though, and that is such a great help. But I'm wondering what foods I should avoid? And what foods are best to eat while br___tfeeding to keep our baby from getting gas or other digestive problems.


bean - July 8

I don't believe in avoiding foods. So so many pedis these days overdiagnose everything. Your lo will get the tiniest rash and immediately they'll jump to the conclusion that it's because your lo is allergic to the dairy you eat. It drives me crazy! I read a study recently that something like 25% of bf babies were being diagnosed with allergies, and when tested, only 6% of that 25% actually had an allergy (and most were really mild). Your baby will get a rash (heat rash probably), will fuss, will be ga__sy, it's all part of being a baby. If you omit foods while bf, your baby won't learn the taste of certain foods (garlic, onions, etc) and may not be as eager to try a wide variety of foods when s/he starts solids. My advice is eat well, don't diet, and see how it goes. You may choose to avoid green veggies in the beginning (brocolli, spinach) because they do cause more ga__siness in adults, and therefore in babies as well, but after some make sure you bring them back into your diet. And a good book to read to help you with b___stfeeding is "A Nursing Mother's Companion." Good luck!


mommie2b - July 8

I was told to avoid chocolates and whatever makes you gas or uncomfortable it will also make the baby gasy and uncomfortable. I love pintos but they make me gasy and I have noticed they make my little boy gasy aswell.


piratesmermaid - July 8

Avoid Chocolate!?!?!?! Ha ha, no I guess I can do it. :) I figure I'll cut back on the beans and no carbonated beverages. Is there anything against eatting "soft" cheeses like there is during pregnancy? Like could I eat feta? And is there a restriction on sushi? I figure there is...


lindsay - July 8

ditto bean... i eat anything and everything i want.. that includes soft cheese, sushi, bloody red meat, etc... if you happen to get a foodborne illness, you'll just be out of commission for awhileand could lose your supply if you can't bf or pump during that time... the way i see it... eating is a gamble.. you take a chance everytime you put food in your mouth... but we (i'm in the U.S.)have the usda inspecting meats and as long as you purchase sashimi/sushi in reputable places you're familiar with, the chances are slim if you have a healthy immune sysytem to begin with...good luck with b___stfeeding... you won't regret it!!!!


piratesmermaid - July 9

That's good to know I'll still be able to have my spinach and feta cheese omlets. :) You know, you're right, lindsay, eatting is a gamble. Even in the US. Sometimes you look at that turkey lunchmeat and wonder how long it's been in the fridge because the best by date was printed on the part you tore off and threw away. Either that or the best by date is so worn away that you can't read it and you're hoping the food is still good because you can't go grocery shopping until the next day... Oh, I'm planning to continue to take my prenatal vitamins as well. Good idea?


lindsay - July 9

absolutely! as a matter of fact, i think most all docs recommend you continue the vitamins the whole time you b___stfeed... i'm supposed to take mine for sure for the iron because i have low blood count from bloodloss at birth, but honestly, i am hit and miss... miss most of the time.. i know, shame on me! lol


piratesmermaid - July 10

lindsay, I've always been bad at taking pills too. My husband had to remind me nightly if I took my birth control that day, most of the time I'd say "oops" and go take it then. But amazingly enough that's not how I got pregnant! Hurricane Katrina washed away all the pharmacies, so I couldn't get anymore birth control. :) Now I practically have my prenatals taped to the fridge door just so I remember to take them now. Why is it so hard for us to remember??? :D


bean - July 10

Definitely take your prenatals. I keep ours on the table, right next to the s&p shakers. It's become habit to always take a vitamin with dinner. And maybe I should rephrase my initial post - I said eat anything, but I guess I meant anything good for you. Anything good for you is good for baby. Bad for you, bad for baby. So avoid junk food, soda, too much coffee, alcohol obviously, etc. But otherwise, if you eat well your baby will be doing well also.


lindsay - July 10

i should rephrase, too... i meant anything and everything in a good way... although sometimes those oreos just call my name,,lol :-)


piratesmermaid - July 10

I understood ya'll meant healthy foods. I was just hoping someone would say that it's perfectly okay to b___stfeed your baby on twinkies!! Haha, I'm totally kidding, mind you. :) What is oreos to you, lindsay, is chocolate icecream to me! But I suppose I can switch over to chocolate frozen yougart, huh?



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