Diet While Breastfeeding

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amma2b - June 12

Hello everyone. I am expecting my first child in couple of weeks. I guess i am gonna have a C-Section maybe in 10days or so as my baby is breech. Anywhoo....I am planning to br___tfeed my lo and i was wondering if there is any specific diet i should be following or is there any food i should avoid eating(other than caffine and alcohol) while br___tfeeding?? any suggestions and experiences will be a great help for me. Thanks for your inputs in advance.


E586467 - June 12

Unlike pregnancy you go back to eating almost anything as the baby is no longer exposed to the dangers of those certain foods eg: undercooked meat, soft cheese etc. Just eat healthy. Lots of fruits, veggies & carbs (you will need them). Oh & LOTS of water. Some babies get fussy if you eat certain foods (eg, broccoli, chocolate, bananas, garlic etc) but there is no need to cut them out just yet as you will soon learn if anything affects him/her. If you were having coffee during your pregnancy you can continue (only 1-2 cups) as bubs is already used to small amounts of caffeine, but if you want to start up again go slow, as the caffeine will most likely upset bubs & interrupt sleep. I wouldn't recommend alcohol, but if you do want a drink have it directly after a b___stfeed so that by the time the next feed rolls around hopefully you won't have any alcohol left in your system. I was very lucky as both dd & ds weren't too fussy about the food I ate, though anything that gave me gas, gave them gas too. Oh ds did hate when I ate pungent foods like garlic or onion, pulled a funny face when he fed like the milk tasted yucky. Hope this helps.


E586467 - June 12

Oh I forgot to mention if your feeling run down while bf take a good Mega B supplement. It was highly recommended to me by my midwife, & I swear it has been a life saver. As vitamin B's are water soluble you wee out any extra so it won't be stored in your body & can't hurt the baby or you.


sarah21 - June 13

To keep up your energy you're going to want to eat lots of fruit and veggies, continue taking your prenatal vitamin, and definitely drink tons of water. Mylicon drops, or the generic simethicon drops, work great for gas and in the first 6 weeks I gave them to my daughter with each feeding just to prevent fussiness and I ate everything I wanted-- beans, onions, broccoli, etc. Good luck! It is so rewarding to b___stfeed and so precious. If you can make it for the first 5 or 6 weeks, I promise it gets sooo much easier and quicker. Be prepared to dedicate those first weeks to nothing but b___stfeeding and sleeping when the baby sleeps and it will go well for you.


amma2b - June 14

Thank you ladies. I am gonna follow your advice. I am kinda disappointed cuz i don't get to experience the actual labor pain(i know sounds weird) i hope i won't be disappointed in terms of b___stfeeding because i really wanna do it.



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