Disposable Pads Vs Washable Pads

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Kalispell - April 16

Hi guys, I was hoping to get some feedback on the pads for the bra. I will be br___tfeeding my first child due next month and am trying to make sure I have everything I need. One small thing I guess I'll need is these pads for your bra, for leaky br___ts. I don't know how leaky your br___ts get. I think the disposable ones would be more convenient but could possibly get kind of expensive? Would it be worth it just to get the washable ones? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!


Kiersten - April 20

Congratulations on your first baby! I can give input on both because I've tried about everything. With my first I used washable pads for a while because they did seem to be more cost effective, but they didn't work for me. I had a heavy let down and was soaking several pairs of pads a day. The laundry just for them was ridiculous. With my second I tried a couple different brands of disposable pads and ended up sticking with Gerber heavy flow pads. They're awesome! They're a nice size for full coverage, keep you dry and stay in place. Walmart used to carry them, but now they only carry the light flow (at least the one near me) but I've seen them at Burlington. They're about $6 and I usually go through a box or so a month. Also, if you don't have a nursing bra yet I've got a Bravado Bra and it's amazing too! So comfy and has removable padding that works great to hide the nursing pads which can be hard depending on what kind of bra/pads you get. Bebe Au Lait (sp?) has really great nursing covers as well. Just google nursing covers and you'll see a link for them. Hope I gave you some good ideas! Good luck on your upcoming birth and on b___stfeeding. It is such an incredible bonding experience and is best for your baby! Be prepared as much as possible about how b___stfeeding works and some common hurdles to overcome and just stick with it! The first few days are rough when your milk is coming in and you're engorged, but after that it truly is painless and is so worth it!! Good luck and congrats again! :)


Kalispell - April 26

Hi Kiersten! Thank you so much for your thorough response. It's very helpful for this newbee! I think I will try those Gerber heavy flow pads. $6 a month isn't bad at all. (if I don't leak more than that!) :) I'll be checking out the info on the bras and covers as well. Thanks again, I really am truly looking forward to this experience!


Sophia - May 26

I too used Lansinoh and they worked well.


NavyMom - September 23

I used the Lansinoh and the Gerber pads. They are both great. Great decision on the b___stfeeding. My advice, pump a lot in the hospital. Ask the nurse to bring you a b___st pump. They have them there and will give you one if you ask for it. Start pumping to get the milk flowing. Don't be surprised if you don't see much coming out. 4cc's is a good amount. Remember that your baby has a small tummy at first and doesn't need that much milk. But, you baby will be either really sleepy, and will do nothing but sleep (and this is where the b___st pump comes in) or he/she will be really hungry and try to murder your nipples (which will be painful) Remember that there are lactation consultants and most woman quit b___stfeeding after 2 weeks. Ask for help, and don't be afraid of the lactation consultants. It might be a little embarra__sing, but it will be for you baby. In my experience, my first babies were so hungry, and my milk hadn't come in because of my c-section ( c-section moms' milk comes in a couple days later versus non-csec moms) so, with my fourth baby, I decided to give my daughter formula, and I pumped on the side so she wouldn't hurt my nipples. Babies have a strong suck and they can hurt your nipples if they aren't ready to give the baby as much as he/she wants to eat. It's really confusing because the lactation consultants say that the first milk is the colostrum and it is like gOLd for the babies. I know it is important for the baby to get the first baby milk (which is the reason for the pumping) You can give the colostrum to the baby by either finger feeding, or bottle feeding. Good luck with your cute little baby, and congrats on your decision to b___stfeed. :D



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