Do You Give Yr Baby Vitamin

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nonk - November 18

I exclusively br___tfeed my son and the dr told me to give him the poly vi sol/tri vi sol with iron. It tastes so nasty and my son had bloody stools since I gave him the vitamin. Do you think it's necessary to give it to him. My son has doubled his birthweight so I am afraid his iron supply my have depleted


d - November 18

Yes when I breasfed, I used to give vitamin D. which the nurse told me to do. Only b___stfed babies need this because they really need it. He hate it too. Don't worry about his iron, he gets that from you. Breast milk is excellent. Do worry when you see blood in the stool and see the Dr. immediatley.


Jamie - November 18

I don't give my daughter vitamins, since I'm on prenatals, and eat a very healthy, well-balanced diet. I don't want her getting an overdose, which actually can happen. I think the vitamins are more for people who don't eat right. Oh, and we get vitamin D from the sun. Breastfed babies don't need the supplement anymore than formula fed babies, as long as they get plenty of sunshine.


Lesley - November 18

The only vitiman I give my son is vitamin K. I was given 9 capsules when he was born and told to give him one a week for 9 weeks. When I had my daughter I only had to give her them for 6 weeks. Dunno why the extra now. But If I was to stop b___stfeeding and go onto formula I would have to stop giving him them, cos the formula gives him all the vitimans that is needed.


Christy - November 18

We went to see the doctor Wednesday and he wants Ben to start the vitamn drops when he is three weeks old. He said that they are nasty and Ben may not like them. If Ben can take them daily, that would be ideal, but the doc said he'd be happy if the baby got them 3-4 times a week. I am not sure about the blood in the stool, but I'd call the doctor and see what s/he thinks about it.


April - November 18

I would stop the supplement right away. If you are concerned you could take a multivitamin yourself. But your baby doesn't have to take any vitamins if you are eating a healthy diet. Babies are born with enough Vitamin D for the first 6 months of life after that they just need 5 min of sun a day. The body can also store vit D so if your baby gets 35 min of sun one day he/she is good for the week. Guess who makes vit D supplements. Formula companies, surprise, surprise if they can't get our money one way they are going to scare us and get it another. Breastfed babies have higher iron levels that non-breatfed babies. Breastmilk contains 400 nutrients that can not be recreated in the laboratory.


Lesley - November 18

Hey Christy, I named my son Ben too :-)


nonk - November 19

I gave my son vitamin since he was 1 mth old and he started to have bloody stools since then. I stopped it for a while cos I thought he was too young and I gave it to him again when he was 3 mths. Now at 4 mths I noticed the blood came back again. I don't think I want to give him the vit anymore. The only thing I concerned is he doesn't get too much sun. We live in a pretty foggy area.


Jamie - November 19

Nonk, the fog doesn't block the vitamin d, I don't believe - but, if you're concerned, take a vitamin d supplement yourself - safer to give it to you, and have it pa__s through b___stmilk, than risk overdosing your baby.


nonk - November 19

Thx Jamie I think I'll do that.


thewigglesrock - November 19

check out the "question about poo" post. made me think of your baby


Jenn.. - November 19

Blake's pediatrician gave us a presription for Vitamin D - I threw it away. According to the Academy of Pediatrics 15 min of sunlight per week provides a baby with enough vitamin D. As far as you being conserned about his iron supply being depleted and him doubling his birthweight. Doubling birthweight is a sign that he is ready for some rice cereal which is a good source of iron.


to lesley - November 23

did you give the vit k because you refused the injection? just curious. i'd rather go that route than have them give my baby the shot - haven't heard that great of things about it.


katie28 - November 23

no vitamins here...i throw away the prescriptions too. b___stmilk contains all the iron baby needs for the first year of life. it's lesser in quant_ty but it gets absorbed, whereas vitamins and formulas have greater quant_ties, and the body doesn't even absorb most of it.


Jamie - November 23

I truly don't get why doctors are all aboout b___stfeeding while you're still pregnant, telling you left and right how much healthier it is - then, the minute you tell them you are b___stfeeding they insist you give your baby a thousand and one vitamins and supplements that formula-fed kids don't have to take.


Lesley - November 23

You don't get the injection as an option now. I did with my son 5 year ago, but not my daughter or my youngest. It's little brown capsules that you give once a week. The vitimin itsself is so greasy. Poor bairn doesn't like the taste of it at all.


Jamie - November 23

Lesley, where do you live? My daughter was given the injection - and you're right, it's not an "option" - they didn't bother to ask me.



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