Doctor Appt Went BAD

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anne - October 6

firstly, i was unable to go to today's doc appt so i sent my mother along with a note detailing how my daughter has been doing. i asked for the doc to hold off on the vaccines until i can get a copy of the vac schedule and to give me a chance to order non-thimerasol vaccines to prevent autism. what did my doc do? gave my daughter 3 vaccines on top of the one she was supposed to give her, told my mother to give her karo syrup - or honey - to help with any constipation, and told my mother that i need to give my 9 week old baby bottles filled with water or to water down the formula to ensure she gets enough water. my daughter has 6-9 wet diapers a day, normal. and the nappies are damn packed too, so she is not dehydrated. who in the world waters down br___tmilk and formula??? sorry to vent but i am so mad right now. did any one of you have this happen to you? i heard karo and honey are unsafe for babies. grrrr... sorry. im p___sed off :(


KH - October 6

I would be LIVID and would report that dr and never go back to him again. Did your mom give the karo already? Wow, I can't believe that - I'm so sorry :-(


Eryn - October 6

When I left the hospital I was told to make sure the bottles were completely dry before adding milk or formula and don't give them any water. That's stange to suggest diluting b___stmilk.


anne - October 6

yep tell me about it! i didn't give any karo or honey, nor am i giving her water. it's just f'kd up. my daughter is sleeping right now but i she keeps screaming and acting weird from the vaccines. i gave her some tylenol drops so she can feel better. i cant believe how badly it went today. Eryn - i give her formula and b___stmilk. according to this doc - she is too big. she is 12 lbs and will be 10 weeks old tomorrow. she isn't even "fat". i told a few ppl about it and they all said my daughter is going to be tall - she isn't really chubby, just healthy. i can see if she was 15 lbs, you know? ahhh, im so mad :(


Jamie - October 7

Your baby is 12 lbs at 10 weeks, and the doctor's saying she's too big??? Heck, my baby was an 8 pounder at birth, I certainly hope nearly 3 months later, she's gained 4 pounds. I think you need to find a new doctor.


anne - October 7

you know, this doc put some weird ideas in my head. i had to ask a neighbour what she thought and she said my daughter looked "lean - looks like she will be tall". the doc claims my daughter will never roll over. babies don't roll over always before 4 months old. she rolled over twice - when she was 2 weeks old. Jamie - mine was 7 lbs at birth, today is 10 weeks since i delivered her. (by calendar she is considered 2 months and a week, go figure). So i think she is perfectly normal. how much is your baby now?


Jamie - October 7

I dunno, my baby will be 2 months on Monday. Her 2 month appointment is Tuesday. I do know that 3 weeks ago, I could curl her carseat with her in it, and now I can't; she's also almost out of size 2 diapers, and is starting to outgrow some of the smaller 0-3 month clothes. So...she's DEFINATELY at least 12 pounds, maybe closer to 15.


Lynn - October 8

Find a new doctor, giving a newborn honey can cause serious sickness. EVERY doctor should know that.


Maleficent - October 8

my FIVE WEEK OLD weighs more than 12 pounds. your are 100% right, honey and karo syrup can cause botulism, and too much water can make babies very sick. i had a pediatrician reccomend karo syrup too, she later lost her medical licence. i would be spitting nails over the vaccine issue. you said NOT to give the vaccines and the doctor did it anyways? that is wrong on so many levels. get a new doctor! keep that quack away from your baby!


Caution - October 8

I know you won't Anne, but for others: DON'T water down b___stmilk or formula. Not only does that cheat them nutritionally, but too much water is dangerous. They get plenty of water already from it already.


Caution - October 8

Lol, should have proof read my post. Already, already!


anne - October 8

i totally agree. even the formula warns against using too much water because the baby gets less nutrtients. i've looked online and still haven't found anyone who gives an infant water. just messed up. and the karo/honey thing is still p__sing me off. i am going to have to report this woman. she is veryyyy old and probably doesn't keep up with any news or something.


To Anne - October 9

You can move on with this if you like, but you do have a legal case. You child was given medical treatment that could cause serious harm without your consent. Personally, I would persu such an action because what he did was so blatant and his suggestion of giving your child honey so ill advised for exactly the reason Mal suggested. Giving your infant honey is the #1 preventable cause of infant botulism, corn syrup is another source of infant botulism. This guy needs to be stopped, what if you didn't have the presence of mind to question him? How many of his other patients trust him to give sound medical advice, but instead get advice that may be detrimental to their child? Could you live with yourself if you found out a baby was ill because of him? You should be angry because the harm he could have caused your child, but you should also be angry because of the harm he could cause some other child.


Jamie - October 9

I thought about the legal action, too, but the thing is, there are no damages until the baby is actually sick, and you can actually prove that it's because of the shots.


To Jamie - October 10

You missed the real point. She said: "i asked for the doc to hold off on the vaccines until" So he went against her wishes and provided medical treatment with out her consent. She has to consent, he can't just treat her child because he feels like it. Especially true since this was not a life threatening situation.


Jamie - October 10

I didn't miss the real point. I worked for a medical malpractice attorney for years...there are no damages until the baby is sick, whether the doctor provided unneccessary care or not. Feel free to call a lawyer and check, but I guarantee any medical malpractice attorney will say the same thing. There are NO DAMAGES.


anne - October 10

update - she was soooo ill from the vaccines. her leg swelled up (she has two shots in one leg, then another two shots in the other), she screamed and screamed, constantly pa__sing gas (i mean - extreme pressured gas i have never heard before), was spitting up and had diarrhea. it lasted more than 24 hours and my doctor and the hosp insisted it was all normal. i'll tell you what - try to pull this c___p with an adult who gets ill from vaccines and suddenly docs will react quicker. as an adult - i have NEVER had so many vaccines in one sitting. doing this to a small baby is crazy in my opinion. no wonder why she got so sick. i thought i was going to lose it when she cried, it was so sad. and according to the, i had every right to say no to those vaccines. if i claimed religious reasons or just NO, i had that right. she just ignored my signed statement stating no to the vaccines. a written, and signed statement handed to her. when my kid came back with my mother and i saw the bandaids i freaked.



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