Does Making Your Milk Let Down Produce More Supply

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owensark - January 3

I am new here, but not new to BF. I have a 2 1/2 year old son who I nursed for a year and had NO PROBLEMS! Now, I am nursing my 2 1/2 month old twin boys, and NOTHING has been working out for me! My milk came in at about 5 days, so they were on formula til then due to them SCREAMING while trying to nurse. Then, when my milk came in, it never "CAME IN" like with my son- it was more gradual. The twins were born a month early, so I don't know if that makes a diff. or not, but.... From the beginning I have had problems with my supply. I was able to pump enough to store some at first, but after a while, they were eating too much to get "extra" and have had to supplement with formula. They eat 5-6oz per feeding if they just get a bottle, (at the store, etc.) and about 4oz after they nurse. they eat every 2 1/2hrs, and I never feel "full" by the next feeding unless... I make my milk let down by means of nipple stimulation. What I'm wondering though, is... will this help my supply by doing that several times between feedings, or will I forever have to continue to do that if I want to reduce my supplementing??? I am currently taking domperidone, fenugreek, and will be getting blessed thistle and alfalfa to help, I'm also drinking about 70oz of water a day, and eating 2 packets of oatmeal twice a day, and am STILL having problems with supply! Thanks for your help! Tara O.


Christy - January 3

I think your problem is supplementation. Are you offering the b___st first? Your supply cannot increase if they aren't nursing as often as they need to eat. The more you supplement, the less milk you will produce. The less you produce, the less satisfied they will be. Also, what kind of nipple are you using on their bottles? If it is a faster flow one, then their sucking is going to get lazy and they won't want anything to do with the b___st. Have you contacted a lacttion consultant? Twins are a lot tougher to manage with bf and have their own unique set of issues. A consultant may be able to work with you directly and give you some good hands on a__sistance. I hope things get better- good luck to you!


Christy - January 3

Another thing I was going to suggest was to pump anytime you supplement, as that will help increase and then maintain your milk supply. GL!


lisa - January 3

how do you know you dont have enough, my girl feeds sometimes i think too much, i feel like i dont have enough milk esspecially in the eve but jaz keeps putting on weight so i do have enough, and like christy said if you stop supplimenting and let them suck, they will increase your supply within a few days, then you will produce what you need, also you will need to eat tonnes of caleries, porrage bannana, oat cakes, protein, milk cheese, lots of good fats, and drink tones of water, if you dont have calories to put in your milk it wont be satisfying (ilearnt this the hard way)



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