Don T Feel Bad

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Sarah - November 14

I am about to have my first child (february), and I am already catching absolute h__l from people because I don't want to br___tfeed. For awhile, I even thought, maybe I should lie, and say there's some medical reason why I can't - but that's silly. I just don't want to. That's me, I don't want my br___t in a baby's mouth, it makes me uncomfortable. So anyways, I just wanted to let other women know, (because I know I'm not the only one) that it's okay. Sure it's healthy, natural, whatever - trust me, your baby's not going to be retarded because you didn't br___tfeed. I get sick of woman making other women feel bad about making a choice. If I want to spend a billion dollars on formula, then by golly, it's my billion dollars. Get over it. It's amazing how nosy and rude some people are.


Leslie - November 14

I'm right there with you - I don't mind that other people do it, but as for myself, it just totally grosses me out.


MeToo! - November 14

OMG, I'm glad someone else said it! All I have ever said to anyone that inquires is that I am just choosing not too, because I'm not really comfortable with it - and I have people telling me I'm immature!! It's unbelievable!


belle - November 14

I understand how you guys feel, I am uncomfortable with it too but I am going to try it anyway because I know that there are so many benefits to the baby. I can't believe that some people have the nerve to ask if you are going to b___stfeed, it is personal and really none of their business!


Vanaseregwen - November 14

At least you know right off the bat what you want to do. That in itself means maturity to me. Breastfeeding isn't for everyone. There are lots of babies out there who never got a drop of b___st milk-myself included. I consider myself a reasoniably intelligent healthy woman. Just because I make the choise to b___stfeed doesn't mean I'm going to foist my opinion on you. Go with what makes you comfortable. If you get a rude person, I would just call them out. "I'm sorry you feel that way. I think you are being very rude."


Ginny - November 14

I'm going to b___stfeed, but I've been getting flak for that, too!! I can't believe how many people there are that ask that, and then a__sume that it is their business to comment on it. My b___bs weren't anyone's business before, so why now? No matter what you choose to do, there will always be someone with a negative opinion! You bottleffed to your heart's content.


New mom - November 14

Why would u even ask or listen to someone else about what u wanna do or not? unless u need advice or others opinion...that's how i am never make it others business..if u wanna do some thing why should u even tell others??


Jamie - November 16

Good for you guys, standing up for what you want/believe.


teigan - November 16

sarah i got forced in hospital by my midwife to b___st feed and my son cried for a whole 24 hours because he actually didnt want the b___st! i finally went in a rage with all the nurses and got a bottle ready and he was so happy and content, i complained about my midwife and she just unb___toned my nightie and grabbed my b___st, and i was shouting i dont want it but all she could say was " think of the baby" i was, and i knew he didnt want my b___st.. i feel exactly the same way, you shouldnt be pushed into it when you dont want to... when we got home from hospital i tried expressing some milk and it was so bloody painful as i also suffer with mast_tis, the nurses said b___st feeding would help, nope i ended up with infection and serious inflamation of both b___bs and i couldnt walk as my b___bs were so sore... do what you think is best... and sod anyone who tells you otherwise xxxx


hey teigan - November 16

did you know that babies dont generally get hungry the first 24 hours? they sleep most of the time after a small feeding. maybe your nipples are sour.


Uhmmm - November 16

what are you all doing on a bf board if you hate bf? crazies ha


Jamie - November 16

To Uhmmm - there isn't a formula feeding forum, so perhaps the b___stfeeding forum should be renamed to "feeding choices"


C - November 16

For some reasons when you are pregnant the opinions come out of people. I try to give people suggestions or explain my situation to hopefully help. Some people just love to shove their opionions down your throat. I get the same negative feedback from continuing to b___stfeed. What I tell people is that I've done all the research and this is what we decided is best for us.



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