Dont Know If I Can Or Not

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Sarah - November 26

right now, im still pregnant.. im only 34 weeks but i plan to br___t feed my baby, but i dont know if i can, my mother and her mother couldnt.. and my br___ts grew a bit at the start and havent done anything since, they dont feel full and dont leak at all, i really want to br___t feed because i think its a wonderful thing to bring you and your baby close and plus were quite short on money and dont want to spend money on something i can (hopefully) get for free.. did anyone have his problem when they were pregnant and can br___tfeed fine now??.. oh and i want to ask my doctor about it, but can they tell or not if you will be able to, or is he just going to tell me i have to wait and see??


Christy - November 26

My mom had issues b___stfeeding my older sister. In talking to her, she admits not getting up to feed my sis during the night if she didn't cry for it, so I think her supply diminished. Maybe your mom had similar issues? Anyway, all I got during pregnancy was some yellowish crust on my nipples, which was colostrum. I didn't get any milk in until a couple days after giving birth to my son, which is pretty typical. I wouldn't worry if I was you. You'll be suprised how much milk your body makes once your milk is in.


lisa - November 26

talk to your midwife about this, but most likely she wasnt feeding enough at the start, in reply to christy, i dont get up for 6 hours at night then she goes for another 3 hours, but my milk supply is fine, i feed like mad during the day though, its all interesting. sarah, your b___sts wont feel full till your milk comes in, mine came on day 4, huge hard footb___s, i was an a cup, i never leaked during pregnancy, but then you just have thick colostrum not milk millk


April - November 26

My b___sts never leaked while I was pregnant either. Size isn't supposed to matter. I would suggest you look up and go to La Leche League in your area even before you have the baby. Because your mom and her mom couldn't they're not going to have great advice on the topic, not that they are not great people. The mom's that go to La Leche League would be so helpful with info and I'm sure if you had problems someone would be able to help. Try reading The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding now before you have the baby. Then when you start nursing you will know a lot about it.


Christy - November 26

Lisa- how old is your baby? Mine is three weeks old and I have read/heard that in the first 8-10 weeks you're supposed to not let the baby go more than 4-5 hours without a feeding and should average 8-12 feedings a day. I have pushed that a little bit here and there at night (last night we went 5 and 1/2 hours between feedings) because I kept hitting the snooze on my alarm clock and the baby was happily asleep. I'd be glad to let him sleep through it, but am afraid it will hurt my milk production. I do make sure he gets at least 8 feedings a day. As for my mom, I have a feeling she let my sis go for more than six hours at night without a feeding. She did not have anyone to help her through the experience, did not speak English well, and was back in 1963, so there were probably a couple more factors at play.


Sarah - November 26

hey, i put in my post that im still pregnant. i just plan to b___st feed and dont know if ill be able to, but alot of people tell me its the timing in between. so ill keep that in mind.. thanks for your advice


Sheena - November 28

Your b___sts were made for b___stfeeding. You can do it. What you are experiencing is normal. Most women experience exactly the same thing. Go to you local La Leche League meeting. You will learn a lot there. It will make you more confident, and give you a good support structure.



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