Dont Know What To Do

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mellycat82 - January 12

Hi girls.. Im 28 weeks now. I'm still trying to decide on whether to br___tfeed or not. My mother wasn't able to br___tfeed with all four kids but it was too painful for her. I know br___tmilk is obviously best but another thing is I am a very active person and I dont want to feel trapped indoors the whole time to br___tfeed. I'm not the type of person to just br___tfeed anywhere! I'll feel like I need to be home the whole time. I dont even think I could br___tfeed infront of my sister in law! and she lives with us! What should I do?


kerryv - January 12

hello! i feel exactly the same way!!! i am 30 weeks tomorrow. i have finally decided that i will give it a shot and see how it works out. i plan on buying a pump and i am goin to pump as soon as possible and start rotating in bottles as well. i do not want to be the only one who can feed the baby and i do not want to be only allowed to leave the house for an hour or so at a time. i have also read that many people supplement with formula from day one as well so if you dont want to pump but dont want to be the only one feeding, switch back and forth.


kellens mom - January 12

Like you, I was not certain exactly what I was going to do. I wanted to nurse, but it was such a great unknown to me (and my family) that I was intimidated. I took a b___st feeding cla__s at the hospital and read a book provided by them. I decided that I would give it a shot at the hospital. We had a very difficult time getting dd to latch, but with the support of the nurses and the lactation consultant, we succeeded. I did have a lot of nipple pain in the beginning. Every day I would think "this hurts way too much". But I would tell myself to keep going through the week and evaluate things at the end of the week. At the end of the week I would tell myself "just one more week". Then one day, my nipples had healed and there was no more pain. By that time, I HAD bonded with my daughter (bonding does not come instantly for most of us) and I enjoyed the time. Plus it was so much easier then getting up in the night to make a bottle! Do some reading, sign up for a cla__s, set a few goals and give it a whirl. If it does not work, then you will have no guilt for not trying and you can move towards formula. Best of luck with your decision.


Leilani14 - January 16

I planned nursing but my baby had issues latching. He was a small baby and b___st was just too much for him. So I ended up exclusevly pumping from day 1 and I'm so happy with it. I'm not stuck at home, DH can feed him, no cracked nipples, no worry about nursing in public, but my baby gets my milk. Nursing is hard work both for baby and mom. Baby gets more from the botle because it is easier to eat. So my baby got enough to eat during the day and he started to sleep through the night when he was only 8 weeks old. He is 4 months now and I pump only 3 times a day and I have enough for 6 meals. he eats 5 meals a day and I freeze the remaining sixth. I know that women are different and that not all of them can build the supply like I did, but it worked great for me.


tryingx3 - January 16

I was more afraid of b___stfeeding than birth and now I LOVE it! I am so glad I tried it and now understand why women struggle with weaning. Best wishes to you guys!


kerryv - January 16

Leilani14- what pump do you use? just looking for recommendations.


EricaLynn - January 16

I am also one that pumps and bottle feeds exspressed milk. My daughter is just over two weeks old, and I started trying to pump the day we got home. (without any luck at first). I dont know why but when I tried b___stfeeding her I hated it. She was constantly attached to my b___st and I got cracked bleeding nipples (they actually got infected too). She was a good nurser and latched on fairly well, but I hated it. I felt like my life was just feeding the baby. I felt awful every time she ate ( I may have had or still have some ppd). I hated nursing her though, and always felt negative twards her when I did. Now I pump and Im not the only one who gets to feed her, wich I really like. If I need to run to the store or my fiance and I want a night out, grandma and grandpa can feed her. We still both get all the benifits of b___st milk without ouchie nipples. I feel like I can get more in her this way too, she actually slept for almost 6 hours the other night, it was great! Most people have that great bonding experience with b___st feeding but I did not. I love pumping now and actually enjoy feeding my daughter. I use a Medela "pump in style". It was given to me wich is awesome. You can get them on but they are like 250 $, but it works great. I have just discovered "duel pumping" (pumping both sides at the same time). And I am loving pumping even more, the duel pumping saves so much time! I would definitely try b___stfeeding, you wont know if you fall in love with it or not unless you try. If not I would suggest pumping that way you and the baby get the benifits, I pump and Im loving it! (sorry this is so long!) I pump every 2-4 hours during the day and then again whenever she wakes up at night, or when I wake up at night. When I started pumping to get a feel for it I got about 5 oz to start to feed her and then would pump every time she ate. That keeps your body up to speed with how much he/she is eating. Good luck!


Leilani14 - January 17

kerryv I use Medela Pump in Style Advanced. I'm very happy with it and it is worth every single dime I paid for it. If you get a pump buy an additional set of plastic parts that come to your b___st., so you don't have to wash it in the middle of the night, you just use the other set and wash it in the morning.


aggie03 - January 17

3 times a week, attend sports events frequently, have dinner with friends and travel a lot. I had initially said I would "try" b___stfeeding and if it didnt work "at least Id try". I had a horrible time at first, not only did I have very sore nipples, I have inverted nipples so I had to get hlep for her to learn to latch on. Every night when she was screaming I would say I was giving up, but every morning I would try again and then one day (two weeks) it just clicked and didnt hurt anymore! WITH BEING ACTIVE: after 3-4 weeks when its established you can give bottles, and before that your likely not going to be going very many places. (I traveled when dd was 2.5weeks one feeding we gave her a bottle, we had to find a place with hot water warm the bottle and feed her....The second time we pulled over in a park put on a shawl and feed her in the car) Oh, and after giving birth you wont be shy least I wasnt. Good Luck!


aggie03 - January 17

Oh, I also want to say...looking back you have to give it at least 10 day before you can truley say it will not work for you. Dont quit on day 3..its the worst! Your hormones are crazy you think your hurting your baby (when they are cry you dont care bc they are hurting you) its just awful...but it gets better! I never ever ever thought I would be a bf advicate....not my style....but one of the most rewarding things I have ever done...for myself also!



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