Drink Beer To Help Let Down

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Renee-Marie - July 11

My FIL keeps telling me that I should have a beer to help achieve faster let-down..... He's mentioned this to me several times in the past week. Mind you, I have never had a problem with my let-down, nor have I even discussed my br___tfeeding habits with him. He keeps telling me that thats what people used to do all the time, or that, thats what the doctors would say to do. My feeling is that, if thats what people "used to do" then there must be a reason why I'm not hearing that people do it these days. There must be a reason why doctors aren't encouraging that type of behavior today, right? Can anyone back me up on this? It just seems odd. Thanks


Fatima - July 11

Never tried it but my friends mom told me it does work. I dont know, she is the only one that mentioned it.


Elle - July 11

Hi - the nurse pract_tioner at the ped's office, of all people, suggested this to me as well. Something about the hops in the beer is supposed to be good. She said the darker the beer, the better. I thought she was crazy when she suggested it!


Erynn21 - July 11

I heard having a gla__s of wine or a beer helps w/ letdown. Many ppl have actually told me this, although I'm not bfeeding yet. I think the dark beer thing is with the b vitamins a__sociated w/ hops, I know they are loaded w/ b vitamins.


bean - July 11

I've heard everything from faster letdown to larger supply when drinking beer. But do you need a faster letdown? If your baby is fine, why add alcohol to his/her diet? I wouldn't do it - the effects of alcohol on an infant are far riskier (slower motor skills development, among others) than it's worth.


olivia - July 11

I think a lot of it has to do with the mom relaxing from the drink itself. Beer offers more calories and less alcohol, so it is a good choice. But if you aren't having any problems letting down or relaxing, don't feel you need to have a beer if you don't want one. Can he just be trying to tell you that it is okay for you to have a beer if you want? Sometimes I find older men have a strange way of getting to the point...


Renee-Marie - July 11

LOL Olivia - you may have something there!


JJ5235 - July 11

Actually it has been proven that alcohol of any kind can SLOW down the letdown reflex. So I would advise against it especially if you are not having any problems. This is very old fashioned and a lot has been discovered about alcohol and bf since then!!


ca_pink - July 12

My friend's doc recommended she drink NON-ALCOHOLIC beer to help with her milk supply. I think it has something to do with the hop in the beer.


kellens mom - July 15

My mom told me that it would increase my milk supply. One night while they were here, we decided to try it. I HAD to get up between nursings in the night to pump because I felt like I was going to explode! I can't really recall anything changing with let-down. At the time, dd was 3-4 weeks old, so the whole BF thing was new and awkward. ..Maybe I was so new at it that I just did not notice? I have not had a beer since.



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