Drinking You Own Milk

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jennifer - May 23

is it healthy to drink your own br___t milk??? could you benefit from it just the same as the baby ???


that's gross - May 23

That's really gross.


MARA - May 23

i would think that you could benefit from it just the same as the baby i mean theres healthy stuff in there, and there hasnt been anything out there that says you will harm yourself if you do drink it.


But why? - May 24

Why would you want to? Don't you want the baby to have something to drink? Drink milk from the freaking grocery store. so who cares if it is healthy for you...It's healthy for the baby and that is what matters.


Nelly - May 24

gross Jenifer, i've never thought about it but really why would you wann drink your own milk?


michelle - May 24

Why is that gross? You drink a cow's bodily fluids or a goats, don't you? What's wrong with drinking your own b___stmilk? At least you know where it's been and what's in it.


heather - May 24

its your tt milk so why not drink it!! no, its not going to harm you, and for you ladies out there who thinks its gross i bet your husband dosnt think so when he laches on those milk jugs!!!! if you can shampoo with and eat your own placenta than theres nothing wrong with drinking your own b___st milk!!!!!!!


Melanie - May 24

It's for your BABY!!! If you people don't know that, I shudder to think that you will be mothers.... But go ahead, squirt a little bit in your coffee, I'm just glad I don't know any of you in person! FREAKS!!


YOU GO Jennifer - May 24

The only freak is the one who can't handle it! I see nothing wrong with drinking your own b___st milk. My Husband drinks my b___st milk and loves it. What is the big deal. I also drink Cow milk and Goat milk. Grow up! It's only Milk! My child has plenty of milk to drink!


ES - May 24

Ok I have no intention of putting over my cereal but I will taste the milk just to see what it tastes like. Just as I will taste any formula or food that I give my baby. There is nothing wrong with it. Personally I like chocolate milk better and I am almost always a cold milk kind of girl. But I also was raised on a dairy farm and I prefer unpasturized milk straight from the cow that is thick and seperates.


Farm Girl 2 - May 24

I had milk fresh, milk off the farm in France and it is wonderful. I don't know if human milk taste the same, but I don't see anything wrong with trying it out. I also don't see where it would be unhealthy to drink it. It's good enough for your baby, it should be good enough for anyone. I also hear it is really good for people with low immune systems, and there are sites on the web were people will purchase your b___st milk. So it can't be all that bad!


Maleficent - May 26

i dont see why it would be gross. but to drink it for health benifits is kinda silly. all those vitamins and such come from YOU. i guess it could be concidered recycling. lol.


gotta laugh - May 26

I pumped a few bottles and had my step-mom babysit. We were picking our daughter up as she was heating up a bottle. She squirted some in her mouth to see if it was too hot. I said....Ummm...How'd that taste? Not bad why? Thats b___stmilk!!!! she started gagging! lol I said..Gee I thought you just wanted to bond with me ...OMG it was tooo funny


ES - May 26

I love the recycling comment... That is a great way to look at it. Scarey but funny...


tammy - May 26

they have colostrum pills and people take that, so you most likely you would benefit,....i think everybody would benefit from b___st milk just like they would benefit from the colostrum pills


Lana - June 5

If your body made it its only got antibodies in it that you already so it is not going to help you keep from getting sick any better.


ann - June 8

my husband actually would handmilk my b___sts into a bowl while i was on all fours. part went for our son and part went for hubby. has anyone ever heard of husbands actually milking wives in this fashion?



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