Dummies While Breastfeeding

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Lesley - November 8

Does anyone else give their baby a dummy? My son is 1 day old and constantly cries unless he is sucking on something. I was feeding for 2-3 hours at a time, then when I took him off he would cry again, so decided to give him a dummy. It seems to work, but I feel so guilty for giving him one in the first place. But it was either give him a dummy or stop br___tfeding. He has already got blisters on my nipples.


Ranya - November 8

Hi, are you oct Lesley? Is a dummy the same as a pacifier? I started using a pacifier as well because Zein also feels like sucking all the time and it was taking a toll on my b___sts. She hates it though and I have to dip it in Gripe Water to get her to take it...Why do you feel guilty?


Lesley - November 8

I am the same one yeah :-D I don't know why I feel guilty, I just do. My oldest had a dummy (yeah they the same thing as a pacifier) and he stopped taking to the b___st so had to bottle feed. I'm afraid he will go the same way.


Katie - November 8

A babies sucking will make your milk come in. For a while, you will be a 24 hour resterant. If it was me, I wouldn't be giving a baby a pacifier until b___stfeeding is well established. I think I started my son around week 3 or 4.


Jodie - November 8

I b___stfed my son for 12 months and he had a dummy. I wasnt going to give him one at first but he started sucking his thumb and figured it was easier to get rid of the dummy than his thumb


Jamie - November 9

My daughter LOVES her pacifier - the nurses gave it to her in the hospital the day after she was born. She b___stfeeds just fine, and, in fact, refuses to take a bottle.


Christy - November 10

I have been sooo close to giving this kid a pacifier. He is three days old and last night he would not stop eating. After a while, it seemed more a case of him wanting to be held and something to suck on rather than hunger. I am afraid I will succ_mb to it if he starts up tonight. The thing is that the nurses at the hospital gave me conflicting advice on this- some said it was okay to do and others swaid I should wait until 4 weeks when bf is established. I hope it goes better tonight. I guess we'll see.


miranda - November 15

As long as you are feeding her every 2-3 hours, there's no reason to feel guilty. Pacifiers are wonderful!



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