Dwindling Milk Depressed

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kare - October 4

I've been spending most of my days up at the hospital, as a result, on Friday i missed out on some major expressing! i woke on saturday with a really sore br___t and now? My milk has dwindled!! though my br___t isnt sore anymore... Also, my bub has started to have these episodes when she drinks from a bottle - she stops breathing because she cannot co-ordinate her breathing with sucking & swallowing. The hospital were going to send her home today though they are keeping her in now until she co-ordinate a little better. As for br___tfeeding, the midwives who are meant to be 'supportive' of a learning mother are running around on a schedule too often and if i am a little too late with Ayla's schedule and want to try her at the br___t.. they say "oh, we're running a little late today with time.. maybe you could try that with her before her next feed..?" They say this more as a statement rather than than a question. I have been trying the last few days to express double-time to get my milk supply back up and so far no sign! If i ask anyone for advice it is like they are all too embarassed to talk about it! One midwife said that she could prescribe me some medication which will bring in more of a milk supply for me... I know she might mean well, but I cant seem to explain to others just how down I am feeling about all of this right now... Any ideas on what I can do for my milk? I've been told I should "up" my intake in fluids to around 3 litres a day and that boosts milk supply.. I must admit, my fluid intake hasnt been too great lately. Will this help it?? someone, please tell me something.. anything.. i need to try something!.. my bub needs this milk as she is still 4 weeks premature...


Jamie - October 6

Drink lots and lots of water, and appeal to the head of the NICU about the "schedule" conflicts. Also, try fenugreek or blessed thistle.


KH - October 6

yes fluids will help. Also try to not wear a bra as much as possible. When I drink close to a gallon a day (with my nalgene bottle - 32 oz each), I notice an increase in my milk. It will prob. not go up drastically until she is latching all the time. Have you tried a hosp. grade pump? Also try fenugreek. I tried the medication and it didn't help too much , but I've heard it does help some. My daughter didn't latch until 7 weeks old, so I do understand your frustration. It does get better


Maleficent - October 6

you have the right to tell the midwives "NO, i think we will go ahead and nurse right now." it's not you or your daughters fault that they cant stay on schedual, why should you suffer? and PLEASE, take care of yourself. when kids are sick it's very easy to put all our focus on them and neglect ourselves. YOU are the one providing her with b___stmilk. taking care of yourself and your nutritional needs HELPS HER by helping your supply. you need a *minimum* of 2200 calories a day to keep up with what b___stfeeding takes out of you.


Maleficent - October 6

i wanted to ask... is she only haivng the breathing issues when she is givien a bottle? or does she do it at the b___st too? bottles release milk much faster than the b___st and the baby cannot control the flow from a bottle. chances are she will do much better at the b___st than she does with a bottle. good luck to you, i hope you get to bring her home soon.



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