Embarrassing Question About Breastfeeding

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sunny - January 15

hi, my pregnancy tested positive and my husband and i are overjoyed. i'm planning to br___tfeed my baby, the thing is i'm quite flat chested and just wondering if this will affect anything at all? will my br___ts grow much larger and will the amount of milk being produced be affected?


Colleen - January 15

It is true that some women have trouble b___st feeding because of that but if i were you i'd judt ask my doctor. You shouldnt be embara__sed about asking they've heard it all!! Your doctor can take a look at your b___sts and he or she will probably able to let you know if they think you will have a problem!! Besides, i'm not sure how far along you are but your b___sts will definately get bigger especially when the milk comes in. And no your milk supply will not be afftected by that your milk supply is depands on how much you nurse your baby, which should be as often as the baby wants. I wouldnt worry too much, i'm sure mother nature will help you feed your baby!!!! Good Luck!!


Ginger - March 1

Two words for you- Gwynyth Paltrow!


michelle - March 1

When I'm b___stfeeding is the only time I have b___sts!


Maleficent - March 2

small chested women b___stfeed all the time. i wouldn't worry about it.


Kathy - March 5

I agree with all these posts. I also add you should ask to see a lactation consultant before you leve the hospital, or take a b___stfeeding cla__s before you give birth. It will help ease your concerns.


Jodi - March 29

I am also not overly well-endowed in the chestular region (: I normally wear a 34B, but when I was pregnant and b___st feeding, I had to borrow bras from my mom that were 36C's. Your b___sts will become engorged with milk from time to time and you won't be able to believe how big they are. I recommend slathering them and your belly with cocoa b___ter to prevent stretch marks. Your b___st size really has nothing to do with your ability to produce milk, but don't be surprise when all is said and done and after your milk is dried up, your once cute little perky b___bies are now not so perky anymore...prepare yourself, but know that its a good trade. You may have lost your b___bs, but you gained a beautiful baby. Good luck



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