Ending Breastfeeding What Happens

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nicksmommie - August 12

well ive been br___tfeeding my son for almost 9 months now...and i was just wondering...when i decide to stop...what do i do?...go to my ob/gyn? and does anybody know what they do to stop my milk from coming in.....im just curious! thnaks:)


bump - August 12



Krissy - August 13

I b___stfed my daughter for 11 months. Gradually over a couple of weeks i weaned her off. There is no need to for a drs visit. Weaning from the b___st is totally natural. As long as you dont stop cold turkey there is no pain in the milk drying up. You only produce enough milk for your baby, so if you arent feeding a baby you will stop producing. This takes 1-2 weeks.


KH - August 13

krissy is right. i b/f daughter for 14 mos and she decided to stop. we were only doing 1 time a day at that point anyway. decrease a feeding every 3-4 days. is she really attached to it? how often are you b/f?


nicksmommie - August 13

well my son since he is older likes to roll over and play around when he is eating (i normally lay down with him...and if i try sitting in the rocker he will move aorund a lot) but i mean i think he is weaning himself off...because he doesnt always want me during the day and since i have put him to bed him his crib...he would rather take a bottle (well not all that time) but i think its only because my milk is slowly disappearing....but he is a big boy and he'll eat whenever he can get a hold of it.....(whether b___st or bottle) but thank you both for responding!! :) i didnt know you just slowly stopped it i figured you would go to the doctors and they would give you a shot or give you something to dry it up....:) thanks again


C - August 13

They no longer give shots, too many risks involved. You just let mother nature take care of it.


laura - September 4

I b___stfed my son til he was a year old, I got him a sippy cup first then only feed him in the morrning,nap time and bed time. He started to just use his sippy cup during the day and I feed him at night. When I stoped at night it took 3 nights before he was fine with just his sippy. With the milk, wear a snug bra and if you get to much milk pump just to take the presure away(only once)you will dry up.



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