Estrogen Birth Control

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Mary - April 14

Hi. I want to go on birth control and I'm exclusively br___tfeeding. I'm going to start the NuvaRing at 6 weeks ppdm. My ob/gyn said its ok to have estrogen birth control while br___tfeeding. For those of you who are on an estrogen-containing birth control, how much did your supply go down? Was it more than what you could feed your baby? Did you have to go off the birth control and switch to something else? Thanks for any information!


kelsey - April 14

Hey Mary Well im also b___stfeeding and on the pill and my Dr only gave me progesterone pills, not estrogen. You can't take regular birth control while nursing it's not good for your baby. So them telling you to use the nuvaring is shocking. See i take my progesterone pills daily, you dont skip any(like regular BC) because you do not have a period. I wouls check again with the dr


Mary - April 14

Hi Kelsey. He said it wasn't bad for the baby, and the only difference between the two is that the estrogen "might" make your milk supply go down. I will make sure I talk futher about it with him before I take a prescription. However, I would still like to hear some more responses from women who are on estrogen birth control and b___stfeeding.


Jamie - April 15

I was on ortho-tricyclen, which has both estrogen and progesterone. I didn't think it really impacted my supply, because I was able to nurse no problem, I just could pump anything. Then I ran out while we were on vacation, and so stopped taking it for a week. In just 7 days, I went from an inability to pump anything to pumping, literally, a gallon in 1day. I haven't resumed the birth control, and my freezer is full. I would recommend that, rather than an estrogen birth control, you try the mini-pill or an IUD, because there's no telling how it will impact your supply.


lindsay - April 15

do you have a little boy or girl... my doctor would only give me progesterone when i bf my son because she said they don't like boys to get all that estrogen...i opted to go on depo again... but i don't kno w anything about milk supply being affected w/ estrogen, but it makes sense that it might be since usually our periods are suppressed while b___stfeeding, like out bodies know not to release to much of that hormone


Susan W - April 15

Mine said no estrogen while nursing. It can be transmitted to the baby, and it can severely impact your supply. My midwife gave me a Depo injection when DS was 10 weeks, after my supply was well-established. When that ran out, we used natural family planning, which is totally safe and effective, until we wanted to have another baby.


Jamie - April 15

NFP is not effective for DH and I were using NFP to prevent, and now we have a beautiful little girl - no regrets, but definitely not planned! Mary, as you can already tell, everyone has a different experience and a different opinion. Could you just use condoms? Pretty darn effective, and they don't adversely effect your milk or your baby.


C - April 28

I didn't notice a difference with the mini pill.


Susan W - April 29

LOL, two of my babies were conceived despite the condom!


LisaB - May 1

I'm on the "mini" pill and my supply didn't go down at all. Just make sure you take it within 1-2 hours every day its easier to get preggo on if you miss it or take it at different times



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