Expressing For Premature Bub Help

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kare - September 26

ive posted about this before but i really need some help.. my bub was born 7 weeks premature and she cant yet br___tfeed, although she is just learning to bottle feed now.. im expressing milk every 1-3 hours for her and i had her 13 days ago - though they are giving her just over 400mls a day (using formula when they run out of the br___tmilk i leave there for her...) and i am only managing to express just over 200 a day... i even expressed every hour for the last three days (apart from 6-8 hrs for sleeping) but nothing is happening... i thought milk supply was meant to increase? i am feeling really down about this.. the doctor keeps telling me that i need to supple more milk to my bub in the hospital because it is the best thing for her right now but i dont know what to do.. im feeling really frustrated and when i try and put her to the br___t and see that she cant yet do it - i get even more upset.. can anyone help? please??


lisa*9 - September 26

Contact for more info they should be able to help you there must be an 88 number to call too. what about contacting a lactating consultant I'm sure they can give you tips. Hope this helps.


KH - September 27

your milk supply is probably not going to increase until the baby latches b/c the suck of the baby is so much stronger. I don't know what kind of pump you're using, but see if the hospital will lend/rent a hosp grade pump - that way you'll pump a bit more. My daughter didn't latch on for 7 weeks and it was frustrating for sure, but in the end, it's so worth it and you will feel accomplished and proud for sticking it out.... You can only do what you can do and it sounds like you're doing your best!!!!


krystal - September 28

with my daughter i had to pump out the milk for her b/c she had a cleft palate. when i was at the hospital using their pumps i could get about 7 ozs per session when she was 2 weeks old. however when i got home i couldnt get that much from the pump i had there. i think it really depends on the pump.



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