Extended Breastfeeding

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jenna32 - August 20

dd is 8 months, i hope to br___tfeed past a year. i was wondering how many times a day your lo's stilll nursed when they are anywhere from 1-2 years old?and did you also give them cows milk or soy milk while br___tfeeding or will it fill them up too much??also do you pump at all since they are probably used to a sippy cup by then? how do you keep your supply up?is nursing just a few times a day ( im assuming 3x a day nursing) enough?


kdmsmom - August 26

nursed one of my children until she was two. Anything you would normally put in a cup, I gave her whole milk. She usually nursed morning and night. Your milk supply will go down, but that is normal for the age of the baby. She won't need as much after a year. She should be getting much of her nutrition from foods and whole milk. If your baby is sick, she but I have no reason in the world to stop trusting umay want to nurse more. It seems that b___stmilk stays down better than other foods and is more appealing when they don't feel well. However, your supply will adjust to how much she nurses or doesn't nurse. Nature works well most of the time.


Kristin72 - August 28

I am still nursing my 21 month old. She still mostly nurses morning and night b4 bed. But she will also take it before a nap if we are at home. She marathon nurses first thing in the morning around 7am..and one to two times at night.. ( I also co-sleep) She also takes a cup of whole milk mixed with a small amount of chocolate milk with her lunch..but often just a a small amount. I just found out I am pregnant..I was hoping she would have weaned herself by now, but it doesn't look like it will be anytime soon..she really still seems to want it..and I feel good knowing it is the optimal nutrition for her. The WOrld health organizaton recommends until they are two. It is not easy but it is doable..I think eventually (she will lose interest) but for now she is thriving.


jenna32 - September 14

only twice? that is a little better and sounds easier! thanks. it will feel so strange once she stops b___stfeeding!



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