Falling Asleep At The Breast

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Christy - December 6

Does anyone let their baby fall asleep at their br___t during or after nursing? Ben will doze off while nursing sometimes, especially at night. I will keep him up for most of the feeding, but by the end, if he falls asleep, so be it. Anyway, the doctor said that I should not be doing that and that he should be awake when I put him in the crib so he can learn to fall asleep. What do you all think about this? I don't want my br___t to become a "prop" for him, but it is damn hard to force him to stay awake for the full feedings sometimes.


kate - December 6

how old is he? if he's still a newborn, who cares how he's put to sleep - awake or already sleeping? i mean, my thoughts are that those little babies depend on us for food, shelter, warmth and clothing, so why not for sleep comfort too? they're too little to understand that it's time to "learn" to do this now, especially after being rocked to sleep by mom for 9 months in the womb. he falls asleep on you because he trusts you and because you're safe - once he learns that you;ll be there for him, then you can sleep train him. well, at least that's MY opinion. i don't like seeing little ones suffer in their cribs wondering where their moms went. we "trained" our daughter to fall asleep on her own at 10 months - when she was old enough to know that we'd be there for her. but that's a whole other issue.


Maria - December 6

Doctors are supposed to be giving you advice on health and medical issues. Sleeping isn't that kind of issue. Parent him the way you want. My whole family has never let their babies cry themselves to sleep and none of our kids (neices & nephews included) have suffered for it.


Christy - December 6

The doctor he saw yesterday was not his regular doc. She said that now we have his feeding routine established, now it is time to work on his sleep routine, which is fine, but I think he still a little young for that. I definitely felt like she was giving me her personal parent advice, not her professional opinion. BTW- My son is only 4 weeks old (he'll be one month tomorrow!)


kate - December 6

oh...he's still so little then. i would snuggle and cuddle him and not worry about the sleeping thing yet. he'll learn. congrats!


Sarah - December 6

I always let my daughter fall asleep at my b___st. Persoally I don't care if she can't fall asleep on her own. I don't plan on ever being apart from her at night anytime soon. I am surprised a Dr. had a comment about that. You should do what ever works best for.


Lesley - December 6

Christy, you freak me out LOL!!! My son is called ben also born 7th November! I let 'Ben fall asleep at the b___st. He wakes up as I put him in his basket anyways, then doses off himself :-)


Christy - December 6

Lesley- Is Ben your most recent child? That would be too funny if both were born the exact same day with the same name!


Heidi - December 7

My 8 wk old still falls asleep in bed with me when I nurse her but at night I put her in her crib and she doesn't cry and after a little while she'll fall asleep on her own. Then when she wakes up to nurse at night I usually leave her in bed with me as she'll fall asleep while eating. She's never had to be nursed any other time to fall asleep so I wouldn't listen to that doctor!


Lesley - December 7

He is Christy! D.O.B 7th Nov 05. Have you named him Ben or Benjamin. Mine is only Ben. I don't like it when people start shortening names so I've named all mine wih names that cannot be shortened.


CeCe - December 7

Let him fall asleep. It's natural. Use the doctor for medical advice. They weren't trained for parenting. Most of them haven't even managed to understand bedside manner guidelines. They should leave the mothering to the mothers.


Christy - December 7

Lesley- He is a Benjamin, but how cool is that we both had Bens on the same day? What time was your little guy born?


Lesley - December 7

5:24am UK time.I was only pushing for 9 mins!! How come I never saw you on the 3rd trimester thread? Didn't you post on there?


Christy - December 7

Lesley- I was on the 3rd tri forum. I hung out a lot on the Topaz Baby Gang thread. Weren't you and Mary the last October mommies standing?


Casey - December 7

For what it's worth, American Baby Magazine just said the same thing (don't let them sleep while feeding, or wake them to put them in the crib). It supposedly really will help with getting sleeping patterns down.


well.... - December 8

I trust my own instincts over American Baby Magazine. Besides, magazines are constantly changing their opinions on things.


Casey - December 8

Gee, did I, or did I not, say "for whatever it's worth" - and "supposedly" I never said, american baby said this, and you must do this! .....god women can be so friggen catty. There was just no point in you commenting.



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