Feeding After Ceserian

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wondering - February 11

Anyone have ceserian and then br___t fed? What about the effect of the pain killer on baby (won't I need pain killers adter they cut me open?).


BKF - May 25

I had a ceserian 3 weeks ago. I also took tylenol extra strength and tylenol 3 after as well as an anti-inflamitory pill and a stool softener. I made sure to ask the nuse before I took any of these medications- all were O.K for me and the baby. I would make sure I ask before taking anything, but a lot of medications are safe for the baby.


Maleficent - May 26

i've never had a cesarian, but i know dozens of moms who have and had no problem b___stfeeding. be sure to tell EVERYONE at the hospital that you will be nursing, they can give you medications that are safe...in fact, i don't think they use anything anymore that is not b___stfeeding friendly except for extream cases.


Amy - May 26

My C was a breeze. I had no pain pills except the occasional tylenol. We purchased a "Burpee pillow" (horshoe shaped pillow) that helped for the few days that I had pain with b___stfeeding..but really if you get up and walk after your C and don't let it get you down..You will be fine.


Jill - May 26

I had a cesarean and I b___stfed with no problems. I didn't use pillows or creams and anything else. The hold most comfortable for me was the football hold because then my son wasn't resting on my incision. C-sections don't really make it harder to b___stfeed. And you don't need painkillers, I think I only took 4 during my entire recovery. Just wait until you actually can't stand the pain before you take anything, you'll be surprised at how much pain you can actually deal with.


Margarita - August 11

I had a c section on june 4th i b___st fed they gave me oxycodone, stool softeners, prenatal natals, anti-inflamitory pills and iron pills. I also asked my drs before taking any of them. My doctors told me it was fine to take these while b___st feeding but you should ask no matter what.


Ca__sie - August 12

I have had 3 c-sections and have b___stfed after two of them. It will hurt a little bit, but it helps you loose the weight faster.


KH - August 13

I had a c section a month ago and my baby latched first try. they give you pain meds that won't affect the baby - don't worry :)


Jamie - August 23

I had a C-section 2 weeks ago...they had me on percocet and motrin and said it was okay for the baby.



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