Feeding In Public

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Leanne_ - June 17

My dd is 4 weeks old and I haven't really left the house since she was born. I'm currently br___tfeeding and pumping. I'm extremely uncomfortable about br___tfeeding in public, plus it can take almost an hour for her to br___tfeed. So I've decided to bottle feed (formula) when I go out. I'm curious to know, is anyone feeding formula when you take your baby out in public??


tlew - June 18

Hi Leanne, my son is also 4 weeks and we have just begun to leave the house as well. Im not the one the whip it out in public either. What I do is try to pump atleast 4 ounces of b___stmilk. Then I bring along formula for emergency use only. So far things have gone good. I have only had to use the formula once. But one time I did b___stfeed in a changing room at the mall, which wasn't that bad. I guess it really depends on where you are going an how long you plan to be out. Hope this info helps let me know how everything goes.


Clarissa23 - June 18

there is really nothing to be embara__sed about...i have b___stfeed 3 babies and as long as the b___st is covered i dont see it as offensive.. there is a nursing coverup or a mesh like nursing blanket that covers u up but still allows u to see your baby that works really well...


Rabbits07 - June 18

From past experience with my last baby I can give you some advice.....make sure baby will take the bottle & formula before you're in a situation where it is your only option. I was in a checkout line with a crying baby, trying to give him a bottle, only to realize that he was not going to take it no matter what! We ended up b___stfeeding in the parking lot.


Susan W - June 18

I found nursing in public much, much easier after 8 weeks, when suddenly nursing was easier all around. Before that, I tried to time short outings for between times -- we would nurse, pop him into the car, and run one errand. I felt better about things and started to realize I could handle it. If I blew the timing, I nursed in the car. I also found that one of the crocheted baby blankets someone gave me was a great cover-up -- I could see in, but people couldn't see me. I also did my first few longer outings at places full of other moms and kids so I would feel more comfortable. And eventually, I got to where I could nurse without covering and not show a thing. Practice in front of a mirror. You'll get the hang of it. I'm super modest (I don't even wear shorts in public) and never thought I could nurse out of the house. Suddenly too, nursing is just easy, and you can do it anywhere. I have nursed in some weird places: the oldest house in the USA (Santa Fe, NM), walking across parking lots, Home Depot and Walmart, horse shows, the barn, the car, restaurants, airplanes, various stores and of course the mall, all easily come to mind. Also, a sling is a great item to have for nursing in public. Don't be embarra__sed, and you have a legal right to nurse in anywhere, in any state. If someone ha__sles you, you are well within your rights.


Leanne_ - June 19

There are more reasons then not feeling comfortable about b___stfeeding in public. I'd rather just give her a bottle if we're out. It's different if I'm at someone's house but not if I'm at a mall. I've already made the decision not to b___stfeed in public.


Renee-Marie - June 19

Leanne, If you're pumping, why not just take a bottle of b___st milk along with you instead of the formula?



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