Feeding Reguarly But Still Getting Engorged

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ry - April 17

Hi, i bf my 2 week old daughter with the excepetion of one formula bottle per day (because she is anemic i give her iron enriched formula with polivisol drops in it) and my br___ts still get so engorged! i am worried she is not eating enough and/or my milk supply will diminish if i dont do something about it and end up pumping about 7 ounces once a day and freezing the milk. ( i really dont need it but cant stand throwing it away) Is it normal to still get really engorged if baby is eating enough and should i bother pumping once a day or am i just being paranoid? Thanks!


kelsey - April 17

hey ry, consider yourself lucky that you are producing so much milk, that's great! She is only 2 weeks so she'll start eating more as she gets bigger, and the formula might make her a lil fuller than she would be without it. I would def keep pumping because you can freeze it for up to 3-4 months and its not good to stay engorged, you can get an infection. Goodluck with everything


JJ5235 - April 17

I would ask this question on kellymom.com because they are full of information for b___stfeeding mothers!


Happy Mom - April 18

Why don't you use the pumped milk in the bottle with the iron supplement or just give the iron supplement on it's own? There is enough iron in the supplement you don't need the iron from the formula as well. Just curious if you had blood work done to determine the anemia? Too much iron is not good either. As I said just checking no offence please.


Susan W - April 18

What you are describing is normal for a mom who produces a lot of milk. Do not pump or you will keep making your body think it needs to produce that much milk. Breastfeeding is about supply and demand, and right now, your body thinks it needs to make more. Just get in bed with your baby and nurse, nurse, nurse. I made the same mistake, and I had a serious oversupply problem for months afterwards. Besides kellymom.com, check out lalecheleague.org and look for the message boards. And I would ask the doctor if you should be adding iron to the formula; too much iron can be fatal. If you do have to pump, give that to the baby instead of formula and save yourself the money. The iron in b___stmilk is much easier for the baby to absorb. Good luck!!



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