Feeling Bad About Not Breastfeeding

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djdsgurl06 - July 14

I am a type 2 diabetic even before my pregnancy and was told by my doctor that br___tfeeding can not take place unless I agree on taking insulin (I only take pills to control my diabetes.) However, insulin is a very hard medication to get off of once the body gets used to it. So this means that I would have a great chance of having to stay on it for a long time maybe even forever. I'm not up to the whole needle in the body everyday for the rest of my life! lol. However, my husband is very upset that I've decided not to br___tfeed. He thinks that I am being selfish and thinks that I will have no problem returning to my oral medication once done with br___tfeeding. Does this make me a horrible mom-2-be? Has anyone else had this problem? Thank you so much for your input.


BeckyM - July 14

You're not a horrible mom-2-be. You're making your decision based on a valid medical reason. And you, not your husband, is the one who will have to live with the consequences of the insulin for the rest of your life, if your body doesn't adjust back after bf-ing. It would be unfair to make the decision on your own not to bf for other reasons, but b___stfeeding affects the health of both you and the baby. This is one of the reasons formula was created. And just because you use formula doesn't mean your baby will be sick or at some kind of disadvantage. Look how many babies grow up on formula and turn out wonderfully. Another idea.....maybe you could contact a lactation consultant and see about getting donor b___st milk. A woman in our group has an incredible supply, so she donates to a milk bank as well as directly to another mom. Just a thought if you really would like baby to have b___st milk.


Miriam - July 14

I completely agree, you really shouldn't feel bad. Its not like you are just too lazy to do it. You have a valid medical reason. You actually sound like a great mom-2-be b/c you still feel torn about it.


Jamie - July 14

Could you get a second opinion from a different doctor, or a lactation consultant, about whether you would absolutely half to switch to shots? Would you b___stfeed if you could continue the oral insulin?


Jamie - July 14



Susan W - July 18

I would say look for a second opinion. One of my cousins is a diabetic, not on insulin, and she nurses. I don't know what med she is on though. Try calling an LC and/or La Leche League. I know the LLL leaders have lists of medications that are safe to use during nursing, so you might be able to find an alternative that would work for you -- or maybe your current med is actually compatible. You aren't a bad mom, just one trying to make the right decision for you and the baby.



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