Feeling Like I M Not Making Enough

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Kiersten - May 27

My son is almost 6 months old. For the past week he's been a little fussy after feedings so I've been adding a couple feedings and trying to keep him on longer to increase my supply. He hasn't had a messy diaper in 6 days and although he's acting fine, I'm just feeling like he's not soaking/dirtying diapers like he should. I don't pump so I don't have any idea how much I make. His mouth is driving him crazy with the whole teething discomforts,so I'm having a hard time deciding if it's just that, a growth spurt, or if I'm not making enough for him. We haven't introduced solids yet as up until now there was no need. What are some things you all have done to up your supply? I've checked out kellymom.com, but would love some advice from you all too. I should add too that I just recently took a hpt just to be sure that wasn't a possible reason for all this and it was negative. Thanks for your insight!


E586467 - May 28

Hi Kiersten it could be the teething or maybe he's still hungry & might need some solids to make him feel fuller. Has your period come back yet? My almost 1yr ds became very fussy at around 7mths & I couldn't understand why, then my period came & it all made sense. The hormones can make the milk taste different & some babies become quite fussy because of it. It sounds like you are bf him enough but maybe now he almost 6mths he's wanting something more than just milk.


Kiersten - May 28

E586467, I've seen some white through his gums today, so I'm thinking that's a large part of the fussiness. He's handling it well today, but the gums are definitely tender. I tried giving him some rice cereal, but he wanted nothing to do with it. Other than grabbing our cups/gla__ses he doesn't seem too interested in starting solids yet. I may try to offer something else in a few days. I am getting concerned though that he hasn't had a messy diaper in about a week. He's not acting constipated, but he has been a bit ga__sy today and I'm not sure if I should call his pedi or not. It's a pain to get through to anyone and I'm just not sure if this is normal to go so long or not. He's never gone more than 3 days before, so...? Should I be worried? He's having plenty of wet, just no poopy. No, I haven't started my period again yet. A week or two ago I would've sworn I was getting it as I felt all crampy, had a backache, broke out and just in general felt like c___p. But I didn't get anything. I've heard so many horror stories from women who were in the store and started and it just ran down their legs. I'm always ready to run to the bathroom when it happens, but sometimes it drives me crazy not knowing. :) I used to have really bad ones before I had my son, so I'm hoping it'll be better than that when it does come back. Did you think your first pp one was better or worse than before baby? Thanks for your insight, I appreciate it.


E586467 - May 28

Hi Kiersten my first pp was sooooo heavy that for the first heavy day I wore a maternity pad so it wouldn't keep leaking. I don't really like wearing tampons but I did for first 2 heavy days. It didn't come on unexpectedly, I had some spotting in the morning & it was heavy by the night, so I had some warning. If he isn't interested in the cereal maybe it was just his teeth bothering him. Don't be too concerned about him not pooing unless he seems in pain or his stomach becomes hard. ds went every couple of days but when my 3yr dd was about 4.5mths she occasionally went over a week & my doctor said this was perfectly normal for an exclusively b___stfed baby. As they get older their digestive system matures it is quite normal for them to poo less, especially if they haven't started solids yet. Don't worry I'm sure you'll get a nice BIG package soon lol.


Kiersten - May 30

HOORAY!! Only a mother can get excited about a messy diaper. lol He finally went this morning and is acting MUCH more comfortable. The gums are still red and tender and I can clearly see the white. There are five different spots! No wonder his mouth is so sore. Poor little guy.Thanks for all your help!


E586467 - May 30

Hi Kiersten I'm glad he finally went for you :) I bet it was a BIG one lol. Poor little fella getting sooo many at once. My ds cut 2 bottom ones at once at 5mths & kept cutting them regularly until he had 4 bottom front & 4 top front by 9mths. He cut them MUCH quicker & younger than dd but it must have helped to have it all over & done with quickly, as he didn't seem to complain as much once the initial ones came through. Anyway I'm glad he went for you & I hope his teeth come through easily for him.


Kiersten - June 10

Well, ds had another Dr appointment today and he's LOST weight since his last visit. I am so upset. I've tried adding feedings and keeping up on my fluids, but what else? He's started with some solids (just a bit of applesauce and peas) and is very happy/content. Dr said he looks awesome, but weight loss not so much. He told me to pump for two feedings a day to see just how much I make and come back in two weeks. I've only pumped maybe three times before and that was when we went out. I have a hard time letting down when I'm pumping (manual). What should I do?!! Anyone have suggestions? Worried about my baby...


E586467 - June 11

Hi Kiersten how much weight did he lose? It's quite common for babies not to gain weight or even lose it when they're teething or sick. Going by his age maybe he needs more than just b___stmilk to keep gaining enough weight. Continue bf on demand but add in 2-3 small meals as well during the day (after a bf) to help top him up. Both dd & ds never liked rice cereal made up just with cooled boiled water & would only take it if I added b___stmilk or made up formula (I had trouble expressing enough to put in the cereal). My ds has just turned 1 & I am still bf him but do use made up formula in his brekky (cereal/weetbix) for the extra nutrients & have found this has helped him keep up the weight when he is teething or sick. Hope this helps.


Kiersten - June 11

Hi, he's had applesauce and peas. HATES rice cereal no matter how I make it. He really doesn't like formula either.He went from 13.5 to 12.4 in a month. :( He's always been long and lean, but he's never lost before. I want to keep nursing, but won't adding those extra feedings cut in on it even more? How much "extras" should he be getting? It has been very warm here and he doesn't like the heat. He's also teething. Think I'm overreacting or should I try something else to get my supply up? I don't want to take anything unnecessarily, but I will do whatever it takes for him! Thank you for replying. I'm learning as I go here and it's hard to feel like a good mom some days. I had people telling me to put rice cereal in a bottle for him at a month!! He's been gaining awesome up until now. It just makes me want to cry when I'm asked how much he weighs now and I tell them and get the "look". I hate the look. :) And the "see? This is because you argued about giving him cereal so long ago" There is a HUGE difference between feeding rice cereal to a one month old and a six month old! I've been real conscientious about my fluid intake today, so hopefully that helps. Will keep you updated. Thanks so much E586467!


E586467 - June 11

You did the right thing by not giving him cereal at such a young age. People that do that or advise it are complete idiots, as a baby's digestive system is not developed enough to handle ANYTHING except b___stmilk or formula until at least 4mths, & doing so can lead to irreversible damage & food allergies that would not have occurred otherwise. At this age only offer solids AFTER a b___stfeed, that way it won't affect your supply as he will still be having a full bf. To increase your supply drink HEAPS of water & you can also take fenugreek (as a capusal or tea) or fennel tea. There is a great website for bf mothers kellymom .com (without spaces). Hope this helps



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