Fenugreek Advice

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mommie2be - July 15

Someone recommended Fenugreek for aiding in br___tfeeding. I've done some research and got my usual bland opinions from my doc. Anyone familiar/experienced with this herbal supplement? I'm currently 36 wks and just trying to plan ahead. Thanks.


monkey123 - July 15

I've tried it. You know that it's going through your body properly, if you smell like maple syrup! Everyone around me kept trying to figure out where the syrup smell was from & always had a laugh when I confessed it was me. hehe. Anyway, I don't think you'll need fenugreek when you START b___stfeeding. Most mothers make enough milk for their child naturally. I had to take it for a week or 2 (after 3-4 weeks of b___stfeeding) because I got really ill & couldn't produce enough milk. I noticed that the milk supply increased somewhat after taking fenugreek for a few days. I stopped taking it & the supply went low again, then took the pills again & regained a supply all of a sudden. not sure if it was timing or if the pills helped a lot or not. I don't take them anymore, as the supply has been plentiful since my illness.


mommie2be - July 16

Maple syrup--- that's funny. So I guess I won't need to wear perfume for a while. I'm hoping to produce enough milk, but I'm just trying to cover my bases, b/c I truly want to bf. Thank you for your advice!


monkey123 - July 16

Oh my, you just reminded me...here's a tip, if you do decide to take fenugreek, don't wear perfume for sure, the combination of the smells can be horrible. haha! I would spray some perfume on to cover the syrup smell & an hour later the smells would clash & make a pretty nasty odor! Your urine will smell like syrup too. The scent can really travel to your nose from anywhere!


fasha12 - July 16

My son is currently 3.5 months and I started taking fenugreek and drinking the Organic Milk tea from GNC and have noticed a huge difference! I don't notice that I have the maple syrup smell either. Anyway, I have several friends that have taken fenugreek and it helped them as well.


monkey123 - July 16

Maybe the smell is more noticeable depending on how much a person perspires.


JH - July 18

I had really bad stomach virus a few weeks ago and it dropped my milk supply to almost nothing. (Thank god from my freezer supply.) I took fenugreek for a few days and found it to be very helpful!


mommie2be - July 19

How early is too early to take it? I know it shouldn't be taken during pregnancy, but I would like to ensure that my body does the right thing. I am supposed to be induced on July 31 :( and would starting it a few days before be alright? I should probably run this by my doc.


Susan W - July 20

Fenugreek is KNOWN to cause abortions and premature labor. I would not take it during pregnancy at all, even if I were due. . . .. Also, you might not need it. You might naturally produce more than enough. That's what happened to me, and I cringe at the thought of what my production could have been like had I started taking it right away (yikes). I would hold off until you are sure you don't have enough milk. Meanwhile, run down a couple sources so you can tell DH where to get it if you need it. Otherwise, the BEST ways to boost your supply are to nurse, nurse, nurse, on demand. If you can, be skin to skin with your baby as much as possible. Drink lots of fluids and REST. Your job, the first few weeks, is to do nothing but nurse and rest. Someone else should be doing all other tasks, like laundry, changing the baby, fixing meals, whatever. Good luck!!



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