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jennsfirst - March 13

I'm a first time mom I just had my baby girl 3/9. I have decided to give BF a try because I think it's the best thing for my baby. My problem is she is up all night from like 3-4am til about 11am constantly wanting to feed it seems like. I remember my dr talking about cluster feeding, is this what she is doing? Is there any way to get her to feed more during the day and sleep at night instead of during the day?


kellens mom - March 13

In my opinion, it is very difficult to get a baby that little on a schedule. You can try your best to anticipate a feeding (try to feed regularly), but that is about it. Around a month of age, I could see a pattern develop for feeding, diaper changing, napping and night time sleeping to try to regulate things more. Notice I used the word "try". For now, I would suggest that you feed when she wants to feed and nap when she is napping. Seriously! Nap whenever she is napping. Don't worry about the house, dinner, etc. Taking care of yourself will reduce stress. Babies sense stress! Congrats on your new little girl. Hopefully you can find support for anything you need here...and hopefully you will eventually feel comfortable enough that you can help others!


tinkri - March 14

I had a similar situation with ds. He would cluster feed once an hour for 3 hours each early morning and early evening. I started waking him to eat every 2 hours instead of letting him go for 3 before waking him. This seemed to work and the cluster feeding stopped. As kellens mom said...nap when she naps...and don't expect your daughter to get on a predictable routine for a bit. Good luck.


DB - March 14

Don't worry, it will get easier. My dd did that at about 10 days of age...My dh got home from work and I was balling because all I did the whole entire day was feed and change her!! It was terrible. You really should still feed on demand, but soon she'll probably space out her feedings to 2-3 hours I'd guess. My dd (6 weeks old) feeds every 2-4 hours during the day and has finally gotten a 6 hour stetch at night. And I agree with Kellensmom-take naps whenever you possibly can. You definitely get more stressed out when you're overtired. I have two demanding dogs who are great at NOT letting me sleep!! Take advantage of naptime if you can



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