Flat Nipples

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pbj - November 24

Does anyone here have flat nipples but is bf successfully? I am having serious issues with my daughter latching on. Also, when I get her to take my br___t, she just sits there with it in her mouth (even when my milk lets down) and doesn't suck. The only time I can get her to take my br___t is if I use nipple shields, but still no guarantee. (which are a pain in the butt) Any advice would help...I'm at the end of my wits, I want to bf if possible.


mama-beans - November 25

I had a similar issue.. we had to use nipple shields for the first 6 weeks.... However, my daughter was a very vigorous eater, so we mostly used them,( other then because mine are flat) because she tended to chew the nipple.. which hurt and was counter productive. I'd say talk to a lactation consultant.. maybe your DD is a lazy eater, and BF will always be this big production ( I hated those shields too... we eventually stopped using them when the dog found it and ate most of it.)


Jodie - November 25

I would contact a lactation consultant. I have flat nipples also and had a terrible time trying to b___stfeed my first, my second was a dream and i was able to bf for 12 months, my third is 2 weeks old and we are over coming our issues thanks to some great advice. Youre lucky to be able to use the nipple shields, they ended up damaging my nipples more than my boy was


pbj - November 26

Thanks for the advice. I've been considering calling a lactation consultant, I was just a bit hesitant since they can sometimes be a little "nazi" about bf. Some just will not take no for an answer. I just want to feed my daughter and it be an enjoyable experience for both of us, instead of being so stressful all the time.


Jamie - November 28

I used a nipple shield for the first 2 months. Also - if you have a strong letdown, your daughter may not need to suck - mine sucks just long enough to stimulate a let down, then will just swallow as it sprays; if the spray slows down, she'll give one or two more sucks, but most of the time, she just swallows, no sucking needed. Also, my LC was WONDERFUL - not "nazi" at all. If you're unsure about one-on-one, try a La Leche League meeting - you can get help as part of a group, and so can't be targeted as easily.



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