Flat Or Inverted Nipples

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frustrated. - December 6

I get extremely irritated with all the "br___t-feeding" experts that really offer no help when it comes to inverted or flat nipples. I want to br___tfeed so bad, but absolutely COULD NOT get my first child to latch on properly. I want to try again with this one, but I'm already losing confidence in it, due to not being able to get any good advice from lactation experts. the only thing the experts have to say is "use br___t shields". are there any women out there with flat or inverted nipples that have had great success with br___tfeeding? I REALLY need to hear from you.


Jamie - December 7

I had flat nipples, and I did use a nipple shield for the first 2 months. My daughter was able to latch on the shield, and it drew my nipples out, so now, at 4 months, we haven't needed the shield for 2 months. So...trust the experts when they say use a shield - they work! I swear, I am a walking success story! You won't have to use the shield forever - honestly, I probably didn't need the shield beyond the first 4 weeks, I just never tried getting her to latch without it until my husband lost it one night and I had no choice.


Kimberly - December 9

My daughter who is 16 and just had a baby dec. 4th was also struggling with flat nipples. Her grandmother bought contact nipples shields and they were a Godsend!! They really work.


Ange - December 9

I have 1 flat nipple and one that is normal, only because I had it pierced which caused it to stay erect. I pumped for the first two weeks after my baby was born to bring my flat nipple out, she is now 4months and its all going well, all I do is pull the flat nipple out now and then as needed


from frustrated to Ange - December 9

I don't know if mine are worse than most womens or what....but I tried to get my nipples pierced. was told by 3 different "proffesionals" that you can have them pierced even though they're inverted but upon viewing them...all 3 said they couldn't do it. that just increases the feeling I get that I won't be able to b___stfeed. Kimberly, I've never heard of a "contact" nipple shield. what is that?


Jodie - December 9

I have one flat nipple and one that is slightly inverted, i couldnt use the nipple shields as they just destroyed my nipples and 3 weeks on i still have a slight crack from them. I find if i roll my nipples between my thumb and fingers it helps bring it out slightly and my son has no trouble latching on



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