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kj - May 31

what foods to eat while br___t feeding your newborn


Christie - March 4

Just eat a heathy diet like you would normally and remember that everything you eat, your baby eats as well. Avoid ga__sy foods such as raw onions and choclate.


delana - March 8

Always avoid spicey foods.


Chris - May 30

The doctors and nurses in my maternity ward said that they do not restrict foods while nursing anymore- just drink alot of water, take your vitamins and eat well. You should just watch your baby for any reactions though. My newborn spit up a lot more when I ate red sauce and chocolate.


Shelly - May 30

Eat a healthy diet. Eat foods as close to their natural state as you can. Stay away from processed foods and fast food. Go to a LaLeche League meeting. They talk about this kind of thing there. They also cover other topics that are related to raising a healthy baby. Here's their website:


SoCal - May 31

I have been going to La Leche League meetings. They're great! There are different groups in my area, so I can go to one every week. I have learned so much from these people. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found out about this wonderful group.


moni - January 1

preganancy can eat papaya fruit ? or heati fruits ?


tray - June 29

can i drink choclate milk ?


E - June 29

I have heard that your baby will tolerate whatever you favored while pregnant, even if it was jalapeños.


bump - November 16

what foods make the baby ga__sy and spit up? ive noticed him spitting up a lot more lately, and its making me wonder if the food im eating is causing it. chocolate? really?


Tati - November 16

Like all the ladies said you should watch your baby after you eat. If the baby is ok doesn't cry and kick his feet (that's what they do when the belly hurts) you are doing good. I went slowly introducing the baby to hot spice and chocolate by having a little bit at a time. After a while I would eat what ever I wanted to and it never had a bad effect on the baby. Good luck with b/f.


Jamie - November 17

I eat whatever I want, and my baby's fine - with 2 notable exceptions...Burger King makes her ga__sy, and Taco Bell makes her poo smell really badly.


gigi - December 18

Any fruits to avoid in preganancy?


Christy - December 19

My baby seems sensitive ti onions and peppers. He likes the taste going down, but gets terrible gas pains from the stuff. I won't try spicy becuse I am afraid it will totally hurt his belly and burn his bum.


Christy - December 19

tati- kicking is a normal motor behavior in infants. It helps them develop their motor contol for walking and standing. Do you mean when they draw their legs up to their chest in pain as a sign of stomach upset?


Tati - December 19

Christy that is what I meant, when they kick their feet while they are crying really hard or when they draw their legs together. Sorry I should have explained my self a bit better.



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