Foods To Avoid

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M - November 25

Hi! What foods are we supposed to avoid during pregnanct? I know coffee definately, and spices, but what else?


Lesley - November 25

Liver, it's too rick in vitamin A. Certain mayo, raw eggs, soft cheeses, that s all I can think of for now. Out of everything I was told not to eat I only never ate the ones I've listed. I drunk coffee through all 3 of my pregnancies, just not loads.


M - November 25

Ops! I meant what foods are we supposed to avoid during BREASTFEEDING. Thanks!


Kathryn - November 25

I can't eat brocoli or onions because it bothers my son. That's the only things I avoid.


Mama-Beans - November 25

Many types of sea food are no-no's now too.. I don't have the list with me but you could google it.


to M - November 26

Try to avoid foods that give you gas. They will also give the baby gas. This will cause some difficult days for you and baby. Avoid spicy foods since they may also upset your baby's tummy. Anything you eat your baby eats too. Your milk does become flavored with the foods you eat. In fact your b___st milk will acturally change color depending on what you eat. Orange tint for tomatoes, green for broccoli ect. Typically avoid anything that is strong tasting and tummy irritating. Eat what you want just keep these foods to a minimum. Also do not consume any medications otc or prescrip. unless approved by your doc. Avoid cig., alcohol and other drugs as they can cause problems with baby's development. Your baby will let you know what he/she likes and dislikes. The day after a meal he/she may not eat with much enthusiasm and just keep notes.


mom42 - November 27

Every baby is different. My first got STINKY gas whenever I would eat turkey cold cuts. This baby gets painful gas when I eat any type of tomato product. In general, I moderate caffeine since it can make the baby irritable and keep her awake. Also, I watch alcohol consumption-limit amount and timing. I also try to keep out too much aspertame.



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