For Those Mothers Who Use A Nursing Shield

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Kiersten - May 13

have you found that you needed to switch sizes? I've tried and tried yo wean ds of the shield, but he absolutely refuses. He's got the first (I believe) size because he was gagging on the larger one that the lc tried first. Recently I've noticed that after he's done eating his upper lip is a little red and his chin seems irritated. Still is eating fine and doesn't act like it's bothering him, but I don't want him breaking out from a shield that's too small for him now...Any ideas? Should I just get a larger size even though he's not complaining? They have them at Target, right? Not sure what to do and would love any input!!


Kiersten - May 13

Tried *to* wean


Kiersten - May 16



Tory1980 - May 17

In all honesty I didn't know there was different sizes. I used one for when my milk came in and then a few weeks later when I had thrush as I got sore but I have always just fought with them to get the off the shield. They are easier than being on the b___st itself. The reason he is gagging is due to the milk staying in the shield when your let down comes in. What age is your son now?


Kiersten - May 18

TORY, he was 5 months on the 7th. I've tried to wean him off, but he refuses to even open his mouth and wigs out...? Think he's too old to get him off it in your opinion? I only know there are different sizes as the lc tried one and he was gagging so she got a smaller one. He's inherited my stubbornness I'm afraid. The sins of the mother show up in the children, eh? :) Thanks for your input. This IS becoming a frustration to us.


K - May 19

Kiersten, I never switched sizes, but I can tell you how I weaned my dd at 4 mths. There was no way she wanted to give it up either. I would start off nursing with it and wait until she really got going, then I would slip it off and her back on. Sometimes she would complain and I would have to put it back on, and other times she would just keep going. When she got to where I could slip it off and she did not complain at all, I started trying each time to get her to go from the beginning without the shield At first she would complain and I would have to start her off with it and then slip it off, but eventually she got to where she wouldn't complain at all and we got rid of the shield completely.



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