Foremilk Hindmilk Question

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ssmith - June 22

Just curious how long your babies nurse per side? I have read lots about the foremilk & hindmilk etc and that if they have green poop, they are getting too much foremilk, and not enough fatty hindmilk. My daughter has the occasional gree poo but she is on the first side for 20 minutes minimum! I don't understand how she could not get hindmilk after 20-30 minutes. I am curious about how your babies nurse....My daughter is a good weight for her 7 weeks (13 lbs or so) so I am not too concerned, but would still like to stop the green poop!


chris mandola - June 22

Hi, My baby is a slow eater, at least a half hour per side. I feel like I nurse all day. This afternoon she nursed through half of Dr. Phil and all of Oprah.


olivia - June 22

I usually did 20 minutes. After she was about 6 weeks my dd got about one green poop a day. Sometimes none, but sometimes they were there. Her doctor said that was okay, as long as it wasn't the normal poop and she wasn't acting fussy or different. So you might be just fine.


^lucy^ - June 23

ssmith,, my baby had green poop sometimes since she was born,, i asked her ped and the dr told me that if babies are cold, they get green poop.. since then, i made sure to cover her with blankets very well while she's sleeping and the green poop stopped.. try making ur baby warmer especially while sleeping, and hopefully it will go away :)


Christy - June 23

Green poop is normal in some babies. It could be a function of what you're eating rather than for-/hindmilk imbalance, although that is also a cause of the dreadful green poop. :)


Rabbits07 - June 23

Green poop is not always an indicator of not getting enough hindmilk....sometimes the poop is just green. If your baby is nursing a minimum of 20 min at one b___st she has to be getting plenty of hindmilk. her weight is good, too so she seems to be fairing just fine. My last ds had bm's that looked like spinach all of the time and he was very healthy.


monkey123 - June 24

It's normal for their poop to be different sometimes. As long as it doesn't have a drastic change in appearance, don't have to worry about it.


RJ22 - July 6

My ped told me that as long as the poop isn't blackish, reddish or bloody, and as long as it's not too mucousy, then green or green-tinted poop is perfectly normal. I was worried about this too, but I'm sure your baby is fine if she's nursing for over 20 minutes.



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