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Belinda - November 20

Id like some feedback from mothers on what type of formula their babies liked best . do you mix or cold water?? Use a microwave?? What kind of water?? Any comments would be awsome thanks!


Jamie - November 20

My own daughter won't touch formula, but my niece was on Similac with Iron. We made it with hot tap water. The few times it needed to be heated, we stood the bottle in a pot of boiling water. I know some women use filtered water.


brenda - November 20

I started using infamil because that is the one that they gave me at the hospital, but my baby turned out to be allergic to cows milk(like me) and the nurse cought it right away so we switched to soy formula. when i started purchasing the formula i bought isomil by similac. my baby doesn't like cold formula so i mix and run hot water on bottle to warm up the water. i use regular bottled drinking water. you should also follow the instructions on the formula can on how much formula powder to use or your babys doctors recomendations. i only supplement with formula cause im bresatfeeding so i dont use it that much. but i know that my baby prefers b___stmilk and not the formula. i hope that this helped.


New mom - November 20

I use Good Start for my son with iron+DHA+ARA.. it's expensive but i want to give him best..i use infant water with floride with it ..i mix formula with boild water and then add cold water just a little to make it warm..


mama-beans - November 20

When I finally switched to Formula, I used Enfamil with DHA & ARA. I used just regular tap water, as my DD didn't care about the temprature..but if it was a particularly cold day I would use warm water. I too use flouride water now for sippy cups, etc, as I have a personal well, not city water ( flouride is usually added to city water) but that all depends on where you live if you need to add the flouride. Good luck!


momma - November 20

when i started formula i started with enfamil lipil with iron (samples sent from the company had to sign up for that thy sent coupons too! ans samples from the drs at her check up) then i was at walmart and i bought the parants choice and she does great with that. i always mix it with room temp water (boiled or bottled, some city water is fine without boiling) if she isnt feeling her best or seems cool i heat the water in the microwave then mix in the powder my daughter seems less ga__sy on the pc and it was about half the price


Tami - November 20

Never use the microwave! I was told it can heat up unevenly and burn their little tongues. My baby won't take formula at all, but my nephew used Similac with Iron also.


Angie - December 1

I started with Similac with iron, but my baby had a hard time pooping. I switched to infamil after 2 weeks, but that gave my little peanut such bad gas that stunk so bad! Now I use similac without iron and it works great.


Lynn - December 2

With all the problems with the dairy industry I decided to go with soy formula. I didn't want to introduce BHG or Mad Cow to my baby. I just read the other day that the USDA has so many "loopholes" in their regulations that there isn't enough regulation really happening. My daughter just turned 5 months and is doing great on soy. Next month we're going to start solids.



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