Formula And Breastmilk

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LILMAMA - January 22

Is it ok to feed the baby br___tmilk and formula? I don't feel like im producing enough milk. All my baby wants to do is eat and eat and eat. After i br___tfeed, it seems like he's still hungry, so i give him some formula. Is this safe for him? Will he get diarrhea?


EricaLynn - January 23

Alot of people supplement with formula, and I know how you feel. My daughter would nurse for hours on end and would still be hungry when I took her off. (I pump and giver her pumped milk now). But alot of people supplement. Be carefule though because it can make your milk supply go down. And diarrhea doesnt really exist for infants, all they eat is liquid anyway so there poop is always really loose. At least my daughters is.... The only thing I would worry about would be gas. Formula can make babies more ga__sy.


Tammy276 - January 24

That is fine and a lot of woman do it.. I had to do it with my son because I was not producing enough...the first few weeks were fine, but my milk supply never could keep up with him after that, so I would b___st feed and give him formula and eventually I just switched him over to formula.


kerryv - January 24

many women do both from the beginning, that way they can have other people feed, be away from the baby for a certain amount of time, supply low, going back to work, etc. it is fine. just dont buy too much of one type of formula at once- i have been told that each baby is different as to what sits well with them or not:)


Amanda8 - February 8

LILMAMA - I did the same thing you are doing. I could only pump out maybe 2 ounces out of each b___st (if i was lucky). I know he was getting more than that while bfeeding though, but he would eat on each b___st for about 45 minutes and still be hungry. So I started supplementing with formula. Well then, anytime I wanted to go somewhere, I either had to plan a week ahead so i could bank up enough b___stmilk thru the week, or it was formula. Finally it just got too hectic and I quit. (he was 2 mos old) but my bfeeding experience was wonderful and i wish i did it longer.


Amanda8 - February 8

By the way, I followed everyones advice to try and increase my milk supply - drank TONS of water, pumped in between feedings to stimulate production.. everything. And still could only pump maybe 2 ounces. So it just depends. But it is completely safe to do both. He might have trouble at first going #2, might be a little pastier than normal, but his body will adjust.


KLT - February 13

I introduced formula recently...a handful of weeks now. Had to supplement b/c I am not producing as much as I used to. Didn't have any problems until recently. DS didn't poop for 5 days. Doc said to give him juice, so after a 4oz bottle of pear juice he pooped 6 times the following day and was very happy about that! 5 days later, he hasn't pooped again. I'm a little worried. This time he won't drink the juice, i've tried Karo syrup and also have given him water and changing the formula. Nothing is working. I really don't want to go the suppository route if I don't have to. I'm going to give the juice one more go tomorrow and hope for the best.



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