Formula Or Breastfeed

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Dawn - January 25

Hi everyone! My hubby and I believe we are pregnant. too early to tell by a few days! My husband wants me to use formula. Is formula just as good as br___tmilk? Which is better? One reason he wants us to use formula is so that we both can bond with the baby together. Will an infant bond more with the mother even if the dad gives just as much attention? Thanks!


moe - January 26

Breastmilk is better and you can read that anywhere. I have 2 children and I did not b___st feed my first one and I did b___stfeed my second one and let me tell you that b___stfeeding is much easier and it has so many more benefits than formula. It is healthier for you and the baby. I also lost my weight faster when I b___stfed. As for the bonding issue I am sure the baby will bond with you a little more while b___stfeeding but that is normal and dad should want his baby to be b___stfed as it is healthier for both of you, it is also alot cheaper to b___stfeed, and he can also get is bonding time. You can always pump and store your milk and he can always give him a bottle that way.


Dawn - January 27

I b___st fed my first baby and it was well worth it. Yes, the baby does have a special bond with the mother while b___st feeding but, the mother could help the father by pumping her milk and putting it in a bottle for the father to help. Having the baby take a bottle and the b___st is good for the baby to learn to suck on other shapes of nipples. Getting the baby ready for sippy cups and straws. The huge benefit of b___st feeding is the incredible weight loss. I b___st fed for four months too short. I put on weight after I stopped b___st feeding. Breast milk also has certain nutrients that help the babies immune system stay stronger while the baby is so young. When I quit b___st feeding my daughter went through a lot trying to get use to the formula. I found out that she was lactose intollerant and I had to change to soy and that is really hard on a babies stomach. So, my point is if your going to b___st feed do it the whole time. Just until you want the child off the b___st. Good luck and enjoy your child and every painfull moment it is worth it.


tina - February 28

My brothers baby who is 5 months old, is losing a pound a week, will not take b___stmilk, or formula, doctors say its normal, I feel its not, any ideas??


Maleficent - March 1

there are so many ways that dad can bond with the baby. b___stfeeding does not get in the way. my daughter was b___stfed and preferred dad...unless she was hungry. if i hadn't been nursing her i don't think i would have ever gotten to hold her. ;o)


MJ - March 1

I fed my son with formula even though everyone said b___stmilk was better. It was a personal choice for me. I was planning on going back to work soon after and wanted the baby to be used to eating from a bottle. It was great because my husband would take part and my son is very healthy and never sick. We made bottles up a head of time so it wasn't hard. My son started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks. Some women can't b___stfeed so don't feel bad if you don't I know I can't feel bad because my son is perfect. But it is true that b___stmilk is better.


kashi - March 5

b___stfeed! b___stfeed! b___stfeed! you can also pump the milk so your husband can "bond" while feeding breasmilk through the bottle. check out there is plenty of info. best of luck to you!


Karen - March 19

99.9% of bf babies will NOT have colic. So Breastfeed! Its the greatest gift you can give your child! You'll give them a head start in life, health, brains, bonding, the cost is zero! No chemically made cow product can ever compare to a mothers milk.


Mary - March 21

I did both and for me the formula feeding was easier because my husband helped get up in the middle of the night. I thought b___stfeeding was very painful, frustrating, and more time consuming. You can prepare the bottles a head of time so you don't have to make a bottle at night. When I formula fed I always new how much my son was getting. I also lost weight fast. I still think the losing weight fast while b___stfeeding is a myth. I also see both children one formula fed and one b___stfed and they are both healthy. It is a personal choice they say b___st is best but they have come a long way with formula. Don't feel pressured either way I know I felt pressure from everyone and it was none of their business!!!!!



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