Gaining Weight

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MelodyB - June 23

Hello all, I gave birth about 11 weeks ago and I am br___tfeeding my son. I gained 45 pounds during my pregnancy and have managed to lose about 35 so far. I only had 8 lbs left to lose and suddenly, weight is coming back on. For two weeks, I stayed at the same weight and then, this week, I gained 2 pounds back. I work out 4-5 times a week with weights and the elliptical. And, I maintain a steady, nutritious diet. So, I am completely confused as to why I put 2 more pounds back on. Is it possible that I am gaining muscle back? And believe me, I am not eating any sweets or going crazy with food. Matter of fact, I eat a lot of the same types of food since I hold my son most of the day (no time to cook elaborate meals). I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions...or maybe, someone can explain what is going on. I was really starting to feel confident again and now, I am started to get depressed about my figure


Olivene - June 23

Maybe it is muscle! Are you feeling more and more toned?


MelodyB - June 23

Well, my friends seem to think that it is muscle. Hard for me to tell. I know that my thighs don't touch anymore! But, my hubby is away in Iraq so I really don't have a great second opinion. I feel a little more toned. I guess with the flab, stretch marks, and such...the weight loss was the one thing that was going my way. Just got discouraged about it yesterday. I am going to keep working out some more. Oh, my mother told me that my body will hold onto 7-10 lbs since I am b___stfeeding (fat stores to ensure b___stfeeding). So, I may have to lump it until my son is weaned.


chris mandola - June 24

Hi, The same thing happened to me! They say when you hit a plateau or in our case start gaining back, change up your exercise routine. You may need to make your routine harder. I do believe that you and I both gained a few pounds back due to muscle because I could fit in pant sthat were too tight before. Just stick with it. After I changed my exercise I lost the 2 lbs quick.



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