Gas From Nursing

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help - June 15

My son seems to get very gassy from nursing. I gave him only formula (Nestle Good Start) one day to prove it because nobody believed me. His gas was gone but he was still very fussy all day because he couldn't nurse. I went back to mostly br___t milk because I heard it's still better for him than formula, even if he is gassy. It is starting to bother him less and I'm hoping as he gets older it'll go away on its own. Has anyone else had a similar problem? I thought maybe I should try cutting out dairy from my diet but then I thought whatever is in the dairy I eat would also be in the Good Start which doesn't bother him at all.


Jenn.. - June 15

My has been ga__sy often and I nurse him. He is 11 days old. I thought it was strage because I avoid ga__sy foods and b___stmilk would not cause this. I too am hoping that as he develops this problem will get better. Poor thing seems like it really bothers him. I hope someone can share some advice. I


michelle - June 15

There are other foods that can cause gas. Look at your diet and try to figure it out. It's not that hard to cut the offending food out of your diet once you identify it. But you're right in thinking that (as long as it's not a food allergy) gas-producing foods will probably bother him less as he gets older.


P - June 15

Is there lactose in formula? My daughter was really ga__sy to and when I cut out the dairy (waaah!) it did seem to be reduced. Not eliminated entirely but enough to make a big difference. Plus I've lost almost 10lbs in two weeks...


michelle - June 16

Lactose is milk sugar. Human milk contains lactose. My son had a cow's milk allergy. I cut cow's milk out of my diet completely. Read labels and avoided anything containing casein (the protein in cow's milk). P - There are milk products in many, many foods. You may want to start checking labels. There is a list of words that mean "cow's milk"; it can be found on any food allergy website.


Katharine - June 22

I played with my diet until I found out what was causing my baby to have really stinky gas. Turned out it was the turkey from my daily lunch sandwiches. Once I stopped eating that, no more gas!



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