Gettin A Little Frustrated

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torbman - June 29

Hey Ladies, I had my baby at 34 weeks, and a week later I was able to take my baby home. While in hospital I never got to br___tfeed my baby. They said that he needed lots of calories because he was so small. (4pds 11ozs). Through all that time I did pump and am still. And have also tried to bf him at home, which he does seem to latch on but doesn't stay on for long. I talked to docter about this and she prescribed some meds to increase my milk, however doesn't seem to work either. I am only about to get at most 13 mls. Does any of you have any suggestions that I could try. My first child I had to stop bf with her becasue she was losing weight and I really wasn't geting anything. With my second I had to stop as she was tonge tied. Now this is my third and I really wanted it to work this time but its been 2 weeks.. I envy these ladies that can fill a bottle in 5 minutes. Please help.


Mary - June 29

If you have a low milk supply just keep on pumping. Supplementing with formula will just help you diminish. After he is done eating try and pump, even if you don't get anything, so it will tell your body that you need to produce more milk yet. Just keep trying all day long. I don't have any other suggestions. Sorry. Good luck and I hope it works out for you.


Yodergoat - June 29

Perhaps you could look into getting a supplemental nursing system? These consist of a thin tube (which runs from a bag of expressed b___stmilk or formula) alongside your nipple, so the baby gets to suckle and helps build your supply at the same time, while learning to nurse. Some pharmacies and medical supply houses carry them... you might ask your doctor. It sounds like your supply needs to be built up, and that is best done with your little one nursing. Since he gets tired at the b___st, he might feel encouraged to keep nursing with the output from the supplemental nurser. I hope this helps!


Susan W - July 3

La Leche League also carries the supplemental nursing system. Using a bottle will backfire on you, but the SNS may help you build a supply, help build up your little one's mouth and then if you pump after, that will help. Fenugreek may help too. Hang in there :) You could also try calling your local LLL leader.



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