Getting On A Schedule

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jb - February 19

I was just wondering how long it took to get your baby on a "schedule". I know it is a bit early for me and my baby to be on a schedule right now (she is one week and one day old today) but I am optimistically looking towards the future!!!


pam - February 19

We will be 4 weeks next week and are feeding about every 3 hours. Sometimes in the evenings she cluster feeds and seems to eat every1.5 hours from about 6-11. I've heard so much conflicting information...don't schedule, do schedule, don't intorduce bottles, do use them, etc. that I get very anxious. The lactation consultant at the hospital (I'm in Houston, TX, btw) told me that babies thrive on schedules and that as long as she is eating when she's hungry, you're okay. From the beginning, I started using a soft schedule starting at about 1.5 hours between feeds. Now at almost 4 weeks, it doesn't work as well. I found that on the 1.5 to 2 hour schedule, I had to wake her to feed her all day and all night. Now, almost on cue, she starts to stir and root right at about 3 hours, give or take about 20 minutes. At night, I feed her at 1:00am and then again at between 4:30-5am. That's when I start the 3 hour schedule. She seems to do well. I know it's a matter of finding what works for your baby. I found that when I spaced them very close, she ate less, for shorter periods of time ( 5 mins) and seemed less content and sort of fell asleep. Now she eats for about 20 mintes and seems to stay focued on eating. Everyone you ask is going to tell you something else. Just try different things and see what works for your baby...she'll give you cues as to what works! There is a website called that I think provides helpful, unbiased information. Good Luck!


jg - February 20

I just went with the flow. In the first few months my boy would feed every 2 hours, and sleep hour on/off. After that his sleeps stretched out further apart and so did his feeds. Now at eight months, he has 4 x daytime sleeps - one early morning, one mid-late morning, one early-mid arvo, one early evening, then goes down to sleep from about 8pm to 7am. He has three meals a day with milk first and last and in between each of the 3xmeals. I don't put him down at a certain time for his sleeps, as I was trying that and if he wasn't tired, he would end up getting over-tired and wouldn't sleep at all! So I wait for his tired signs and put him down then. I find this "schedule" works well for me as it is flexible but fairly routine.



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