Getting Ready To Breastfeed Get Medication

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falafal0 - May 22

Hi, this is my fourth baby. I br___tfed with my other children, almost a year each, but with each baby foun that it would get worse, first infected, the a mild case of mast_tis, then with my third baby, horrible infections an mast_tis needing medication. I almost give up each time but barely get through the worst of it. I'm expecting this time that the same will happen, and wonder if I should be prepared as soon as I feel the effects with the same medication I took last time. I suffered it through it twice without medication, wouldn't do it the thrid time, and am preparing for it the fourth time. Any experience with br___tfeeding problems and what did you do? Thanks in advance...


Susan W - May 23

I wouldn't just take the medicine. I'd talk to the doctor/midwife and a lactation consultant. There could be something more effective available now and perhaps they would have ideas of early, early signs to watch for so you know when to start taking the medication right away and head off problems. I am super prone to blocked ducts, which can easily turn into abcesses and mast_tis, so at the first sign of one -- a little localized achy feeling -- I hop in the shower and let the hot water hit the area and ma__sage the milk out to head it off, and I managed to avoid anything horrible and we've been nursing for 20 months now. If yours start that way, you could try that, and you could also reduce your saturated fat intake and take lecithin (there is more information at the La Leche League website on that). I'd also see if my latch is OK -- since you get infected easily, you want to make sure you aren't causing little breaks in the skin where bacteria can enter from an incorrect latch. Good for you for nursing for nearly a year!!


Madys mommy - June 12

With my third child, she was the only one i could b/f. My 2 boys just seemed to be eating more than I could provide. I really wanted to b/f my daughter and my doctor suggested taking medication to help me lactate better. It's actual use is for gas reflux but the side effects are producing milk or lactation. There are no other side effects and it is proven safe for nursing mothers. It helped me to continue nursing my daughter with no problems with mast_tis or soreness. You can eventually wean yourself off once your milk is established. The medication is called Domperidone. I don't know if this will help your situation but maybe it will help provide an abbundance and keep your ducts flowing more to prevent blockage. Also, when i did try to nurse the boys i had problems with engorgement and blockage too. Maybe its worth a try. Is that the medication you were on?



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