Getting Your Period While Breastfeeding

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katie - October 9

My baby is turning 2 months next week and I just got my period last night. How long should I expect my period to last and will I be getting my period on a regular basis now even when I'm br___tfeeding my baby?


Jamie - October 10

I started a regular period when my baby was 7 weeks; it was a normal length period, last 6 days. Since that was just 2 weeks ago, I don't know if it'll be a regular occurance or not. I'm also b___stfeeding.


Shoatt - October 11

My baby is 9 months now and have not started my period, still b___st feeding


Erin - October 14

I have the same thing. My daughter turns 2 months next Thursday, and I seem to have gotten my period yesterday (I thought b___stfeeding was supposed to eliminate a period??)I was hoping it was just a little bit of bleeding due to my uterus shrinking more.....guess I'll find out at my doc's appt.


anne - October 14

i had spotting a few weeks ago, but today igot my period. hate that ho :(


mom42 - October 14

I started mine at about 9 weeks, but I was on the pill. The doctor said it would come, but be light, but it was actually a pretty regular one.


A - October 26

I am b___stfeeding and had a period at 2 months with a lot of cramping. I went to the doctor and he said it was my period. I think it was just my uterus shinking because my baby is 6 months and I haven't had a period since.


April - October 27

With me first I didn't get my period for 16 months. My second is 3 1/2 months and at 6 weeks I got what at first I thought was my period but it was only for two days. I haven't had it since. No I'm not pregnant. I took a test the other day to be sure. I think I was just trying to do too much too soon because as soon as I rested more the bleeding stopped.


April - October 27

Opps! With my first


debbie - October 29

I thought one of the perks of breasfeeding were not getting your period, wrong! I got my when my daughter was 8 weeks old, and have got it every month on time since. Just my luck!


C - October 29

I read if you are only b___stfeeding without supplementing you should not get a period until after you stop, but there is always an exception to every rule. I personally b___stfeed, bottle feed, and I'm on the pill. My son is 6 months and still no period. My son eats a lot so I have a feeling my body doesn't know I give him 6-8 oz. of formula per day. I'm not looking forward to the day it returns.


KFish - November 1

my period did not start until my child was 6 months old and I started feeding him solid foods.


Kim - November 2

My son is 10 months old, and I haven't got my period yet. I'm not feeding as frequently as I did when he was younger, and it still hasn't come!! Lucky I guess!!


Kim - November 2

In response to the question, everyone is different. Some get their period back on a regular basis while b___stfeeding, some don't.


T - November 10

With my first baby I didin't get a period until she was 6 months old while b___stfeeding. This time around my son is only 3 months old and I already got a period when he was 6 weeks old. Then I didn't get one again until just a couple of days ago.


Katie2 - November 15

I got my period back a few weeks ago. My son is six months old. It only lasted 2 days and was very light. Everyone is different.


T - November 15

Mine lasted 4 days and it seemed like this was the real thing. I know that some message boards say that the bleeding might not be a real period, but now that I think about it I had PMS about 2 days before.



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