Getting Your Period While Breastfeeding

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T - November 15

Mine lasted 4 days and it seemed like this was the real thing. I know that some message boards say that the bleeding might not be a real period, but now that I think about it I had PMS about 2 days before.


Sarah - November 18

I just got mine back today. My dd is 11 weeks. I was told it's b/c she is starting to sleep longer through the night and is using a paci. It was very unexpected!!!


Kia - November 22

Well my baby is nine months old and I just got my period. Am so sad.


Jessi - November 26

My daughter is 10 weeks old, I got the depo shot after I had her and I'm b___stfeeding and I still haven't stopped bleeding since I had her. My doctor said that I shouldn't be bleeding anymore considering the shot and me b___stfeeding, but she said that there were 2 other people that had their children around the same time I did that are going through the same thing. I know it's not my period because it's not heavy like my period and I'm not cramping. I get pains now and then, but the doctor said that's just 'baby pains' as she calls them and it's just my uterus shrinking more. I wish it would stop already. >.< Anybody experiencing this?


T - November 27

I would think that "baby pains" would have stopped by now. It seems like the uterus shrinks back really quickly when you b___stfeed so I'm not sure why you would be having these pains at 10 weeks. When I went to my 6 week check up after delivery the OB said that my uterus was already back to prepregnancy size. Maybe you should have another visit with you OB or midwife.


lisa - November 27

as far as i knew, b___stfeeding only stops menstrual cycle if your b___st feed every 3 hours regularly without missing a feed (thats what they say for b___stfeeding contraception) Im 3.5 weeks after birth and still spotting with mild cramps sometimes during feeding, midwifes say my uterus is shrank though, One question when can you start to use tampons again after birth for period? and do they leak from everything being stretched up there?


Sharon - November 28

If you don't b___stfeed a lot you will get your period. Even if you don't have a period you can still get pregnant, so use protection. When your baby starts eating solid food, or you introduce bottles, you will probably start getting your period. If you want to be "period free" for a while durse on demand. It worked for me.


Jennyalaqueen - December 19

My son is coming up on 3 months and still no period. ..I know its supposed to be normal but the idea of possibly being pregnant again worrys me.


tryingx3 - December 19

Jennyalaqueen - you have picked up an old thread, but I will reply so you are not lonely. :-) I have not had af for 2 years now...bfing a 15mo old who eats solids regularly and does not nurse during the day - about a 10 hour period of non-nursing daily.


tobella - January 10

Tryingx3, I too am bfing a 17 month old and have seen no sign of my period. We have been hoping to get the lucky first egg since 8 mo. postpartum. Can't do it without Aunt Flo!!!! Baby nurses 4 solid times a day, sometimes 5. Goes for 8.5 hours without during the day....still no visitor!!! I want mine back so we can ttc!!! Any suggestions? I really don't want to wean...I think it may be the only choice....(37 and counting).


Emmie - January 11

Tobella-do you still nurse at night like between 10pm-6am if so those times can keep you from ovulated. Also the more often you nurse can make you not ovulate. Once I went down to nursing 3 times a day I started my period.


jenna32 - January 11

6 weeks, got my period here to!Was wondering the same thing. Trying to b___stfeed but i do give her the bottle sometimes when i get fraustrated and she's been feeding for like a hour or longer,more so at night to get her to sleep a little more.


violet928 - January 26

I was just wondering the same thing. With my first baby I had a period the whole time, but I was on the pill as well and my milk disappeared at three months (I always blamed the pill and stress from their father for that one). However with my second I made it a little over five months before having a period ( I am not on the pill and their father left when I was five months prego, so no stress). I am sort of freaking out because after so long without a period I am worried having one means my milk is going away. She still seems satisfied with my milk production. However I did start her on rice cereal twice a day about five days ago. The day I got what I think is a period I forced my self to make it the whole 30 min through the elipitical (sort of like a stair stepper) exercise. I have started back to Taebo a couple months ago and never had any problems so when I bought the stair stepper type thing I thought it would be fine. Anyway now I am worried maybe I over did it and hurt something because I suddenly started bleeeding about 3 hours later and it has been 3 days now with very heavy, thin flow with no cramps. Has anyone else started due to exercise? Is this normal or does anyone think I should worry?


Leslie10 - September 16

My baby is 6 months old and I just got my period this morning. The dull lower back pain that I get with my periods is back! I'm sick. I was told I would not have a period as long as I was b___stfeeding. Another great benefit to b___stfeeding. I thought something was wrong but after reading all of the other comments apparently it is perfectly normal. My baby has been on barley, oatmeal, and rice as well as Phase 1 fruits and veges for 7 weeks. I always b___stfeed her immediately following her meal. She doesn't eat as much at night. Sometimes she'll go all night without a feeding and others will have 1-2 smaller feedings. I suppose this triggered my period to start. Bummer!


Rbearbear - September 28

My son just turned 8 months and I started cramping a few days ago. I started bleeding two days ago but it was finished as soon as it started. (very very very little bleeding lasted 24 hours). I took a pregnancy test this morning but it was negative. (I was holding for the first egg too) Could the first period be that light?


violet928 - September 28

My first period was shorter than usual but slightly heavy and in fact after I posted my question I did not have another period for 4 or 5 months. My baby was still nursing until she was 10 21/2 months and one day she just lost interest and wanted a bottle, weird because she was always the baby the refused a bottle of any kind. Anyway once she switched I started having regular periods, my least favorite aspect of being a woman. To sum it up periods while nursing are normal for some women and do not affect your ability to nurse your baby. During first day of period supply may slow slightly but not dramatically. There are supplements you can take to increase milk production, talk to your doctor about taking supplements before trying anything. The most important factor that affects milk production is staying well hydrated and eating healthy, your baby is eating what you eat so choose wisely.



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