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Cheryl - September 13

Im not sure how im going to do it. I manage to express 1 5oz bottle a day. I cant do anymore as my baby feeds every few hours and it doesnt give my br___ts time to fill. My baby will start nursery and i know that she wont have enough bottles to get her through the whole day. Ive heard you can start ti introduce formula milk as well. Is this true? Can you give both bottle and formula milk?? Its making me very worried.


Kathryn - September 13

Yes! Try to start introducing a bottle at 4 weeks. Have someone else give it to her so she isn't confused. Express what you can during the day. Milk can also be frozen. You can start now to build up a supply. I usually don't have enough b___stmilk so my sitter gives him formula when she runs out. It has worked great for us. Don't worry! I did and thought my son would starve, but everything worked out okay. Good luck!


Kim - September 15

Just curious, did your baby do well using both b___stmilk to formula? Any digestive issues? Just curious. I'm going back to work full time after maternity leave, but I want to provide b___stmilk as much as possible.


Kathryn - September 16

My son does great on formula and b___st milk. I too had to go back to work and was not able to take enough breaks to keep up with his hungry little belly. He's four months old now. Another suggestion. Get on formula websites and sign up on there mailing list. I have received free samples and coupons. I havn't had to buy any formula yet.


C - September 17

I do the same and my baby is fine. Some b___stmilk is better than none. The more you pump and b___stfeed you'll start getting more and more. I started with only getting about 2 oz when I pump and now I get 5-9 oz. When I'm with my baby I only b___stfeed. He gets between 4-8 oz of formula a day from the babysitter.



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