Got Medela Pump In Style Need Info

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Erynn21 - June 19

Hi ladies I am 29 wks. and planning to bf, I received a Medela Pump in Style from my step-sister and am wondering how to go about sanitizing parts, bottles etc... I don't have a dishwasher, she also gave me Avent bottles (4 piece set), but will be giving me the 8-pieice set. The pump is lightly used by her(8-10times), the bottles are new. I want to be prepared as I would like to refrigerate and freeze milk if I can so my hubby can also feed our little girl when she gets here. Also my friend recommended an Avent hand pump to go with the bottles, do you think that I should get one of these also to hand pump if I am working and I feel like I need to express some milk. Also what br___t pads would you recommend? Finally is there an ointment for cracked nipples that does not contain lanolin, I can't use it and it would probably make my problems worse in the long run. I think that's it any info would be appreciated.


Ginny - June 19

Congratulations on having a baby! And good luck with b___stfeeding. I also have a used Medela In Style, but the previous owner was able to pa__s along the owner's manual. Off the top of my head, I think you boil all the parts for 10 minutes to sanitize, and let them drip dry. I use the InStyle at work, and I love it. My milk supply has been maintained for 4 mo now, and I work about 30 hrs/wk. I bought Gerber reusable b___st pads, but they were itchy and really shrunk in the wash, so I ended up going with diposables. But now I don't use anything as I really haven't had a leaking problem in a while. And I also couldn't use lanolin as I am allergic, so after every feeding, I'd rub some b___stmilk on my nipples (sorry if TMI!) and let them airdry for a few minutes (wear loose shirts for a while, if you can't just let 'em hang out). I learned that tip from someone else on this site and it truly helped. Good luck with everything!


Renee-Marie - June 19

Congratulations on your baby! Unfortunately I feel I have to tell you that hospitals strongly urge against using USED pumps - even though it's for "MILK" and we don't htink much of it, you have to think of it as a tool to store bodily fluid - which is why they frown upon using someone elses pump. Before you go any further, I would discuss this with your doctor. If they tell you not to use hers, call your insurance company becuase some of them will cover the cost of a new one.. But to answer your question, you can boil all the parts (except the little white membranes or the tubes!!!) and let them drip dry. OINTMENT - try the lanolin - it can be found in the baby aisle of Walgreens or any major drug store. It's in a purple tube/box. I Plan on bringing my Medela and the lanolin to work with me. Does your employer have a quiet room where you can express milk? IN some states, it's required.


Erynn21 - June 19

I actually talked with my doc. today, she said there should be no worries about the pump being used because it hasn't been used in 3 years, so any germs would have died by now. Also don't many hospitals rent b___st pumps? My girlfriend rented one. Mine is also from a trusted family member so I am not too concerned, I realized I do have the info booklet, so any information is in there. I had also read the b___stmilk thing to keep nipples from cracking I am also allergic to lanolin so I cannot use it. I am self employed as a hairstylist so pumping @ work will not be a problem I have a nice private area to do it in. Thanks for the info.


bean - June 20

Congratulations!! You'll love your Medela pump - although I do agree with the above post that you really shouldn't use a used pump. The ones that hospitals rent are hospital grade - and hospitals only rent the motor, not anything that actually comes in contact with you or the milk. But anyway - to clean do what Ginny suggested - boil everything for 10 minutes and let it drip dry. Regarding b___st pads - I have both J&J disposable and Lansinoh. I like the J&J because they're thick and look good in a bra, however they sometimes stick to my nipple and little fibers of cotton come off, which I have to peel off before feeding baby. Lansinoh are more like maxi pads (thin and don't stick to you), but I find that they look a bit awkward. For cream I use Lansinoh, but that's with lanolin... so I can't help you there. Also - regarding pumping so your dh can feed baby. Remember that first you want to establish a good milk supply and make sure both you and baby learn how to nurse. You don't want to give baby a bottle too soon, or else there might be nipple confusion and your lo may refuse the b___st. Usually the recommendation is that you wait 6 weeks before introducing other nipples. Best of luck bf - it's hard work, but the pain goes away after a couple of weeks and then it's so amazing - and so worth it!!!


babyO - June 21

I am using my friend Medela pump and love it! I have been back at work for 4 months with no problems. If you feel nervous about using someone else pump just buy the tubing and breat shileds..shouldnt cost more then $20. That is what i did!



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