Green Frothy Stools In Breastfed Infant

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KDR - November 18

My son has had green frothy stools that are really foul smelling since he has been 2 weeks old. He is now 4 wks old. He has been gaining about 6.5-8.5 oz a week. I read that these stools are not normal and that it could mean he's getting more foremilk than hindmilk and that the hindmilk is where all the fat and calories are. I read that this is a result of a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance and in this situation the mother produces more foremilk. As a result, the baby has these green stools, is gassy, and fussy. He didn't start being fussy until the past 2-3 days. He's only had maybe 3-4 mustardy colored stools that bf babies usually have. I am going to talk to the pediatrician and the lactation consultant about this but has anyone experienced this and what did you do? Thanks.


excited2bemama - November 18

yes yes yes!!! My lo had this when she was a few weeks old. My ped was never worried about it but she has limited knowledge about b___stfed infants. In my case I was feeding my lo 10 min both sides every feeding so she wasn't even getting to the hindmilk... I switched to only one side per feeding and also doing block feeding. So if she eat s 3 pm and wants to eat at 4:30 then she goes back to the same b___st. With block feeding you can do it in 2,3.4- up to 6 hour blocks I think.. I never did more than a 2 hour block becuase my lo eats every 1.5-2 hours during the day. SO basically you use the same b___st for a certain set amount of time. Basically the green means "quick pa__sage" Foremilk is like skim milk so if they get alot of it it goes through their system quicker. HOWEVER. My lo's stools never never smelled foul. Foul smelling stools can be indict_tive of an allergy like milk, soy, wheat, eggs. Now my lo is 5 months and she has an occasional green stool but most of them are the typical mustardy stools of b___st-fed babies. As far as the fussiness goes.. it may or may not be related to the stools.. 2 weeks is typically the time that babies get really fussy and ga__sey. keep in mind that if you do have to try eliminating some food from your diet to see if it affects your lo that it may take a few weeks to see results. I would try the block feeding and one b___st per feeding and see if that does anything... but talk to your doc about the foul smell b/c that is not normal...


KDR - November 19

Interesting....Thanks for the reply! How long did you have to do the block feeds? My DS feeds anywhere from every 1-4 hours. I will just use the same b___st for 2-3 feeds in a row and pump the other. Plus, he takes FOREVER to eat. He could nurse anywhere from 45 min to 1.5 hrs. So your lo stools didn't have an odor even when green???? The stools my ds has kinda smell like parmesan cheese but also kinda sweet. Interesting combo right???:) Thanks for the info and I will post what my pediatrician and lactation consultant say. :)


lmk - November 20

My lo had green stools around 2 weeks. I have oversupply as well, and have suspected the foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. My baby is still fussy, but now he's basically got the yellow poop. I feed him on one b___st per feeding and sometimes do block feeding depending on how long he's nursed. Another indication of a baby getting only foremilk, is more rapid weight gain than usual. My son was gaining 2oz per day! His poop is still a bit stinky.


excited2bemama - November 20

I still do block feeds for the most part (every 2 hours) although if she empties one b___st and is still hungry I offer her the other b___st. Its sounds like you are on track feeding the same b___st for 2-3 feeds you will probably want to slowely decrease your pumping and your b___sts will adjust. Well all poops have somewhat of an odor... a sweet odor is normal for b___stfed poop.. I said my lo 's poop never had a FOUL odor... :o) a sweet yogurty- cheesy smell is normal but if its a foul odor and your lo is totally b___stfed and not on solids than that is not normal.


KDR - November 29

Talked to both pediatrician and lactation consultant about this and the pediatrician didn't think the green stools were of any concern. The lactation consultant advised to do the block feeding thing. She had never heard of a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. Since doing block feeds his stools have become yellow/mustardy. Thanks for the responses!


excited2bemama - November 29

just goes to show you that most PEDS have no clue about b___stfeeding.. my ped said the same thing about the green poops...I can't believe that your lacation consultant hadn't heard of it either...( when I called the one at my hospital she was hmm I have to look that up- meanwhile I reading to her about it from kellymom. sad that people don;t know what they should for their profession... if you look on kellymom(dot )com there is lots of info on it- its fairly common.


KDR - November 29

Hey there...I love That's the site that got me concerned about all this to begin with. It's annoying that my pedicatrician, who has a 2 yr old son she b___stfed, doesn't know more about this... Anywho, my ds is have normal colored and better smelling stools now. He nurses forever and usually falls asleep at the b___st and when he did that I was switching sides but now I put him back on the same side. Thanks for your responses...:)


nicdel - December 3

hi i just replied to your other comment, my baby has had green stools for one week now he is just b___st fed the doctor took a blood, urine and stool sample as he said green poo is a sign that something is not right, my baby had slight sniffles(nose cold at the time) and that is what caused the green poo(loose poo) he said he will clear up eventually and to continue to exclusively b___st feed hope this helps.


countrymom401 - December 5

I know that this is not your problem but it may help some one else. I live in canada and so after a 2 weeks I was told to give him vitamin d drops because we don't get as much sun. well he reacted with them had green poop and diaper rashes . My doctor knew nothing nor did the health nurses it went on for 2.5 months then I just stopped giving them to him and it went back to yellow. I looked every where for info and tried everything before I stopped the drops. Just in case someone else has this happen. Try and see. It it is the drops try another kind. I haven't found one that works so I just go outside with him for 20 mins a day.



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