Hand Expressing

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jenna32 - November 13

is hand expressing br___t milk hard to do?is it the same or worse then a pump? i want others to be able to feed the baby to so i was going to just do formula 1-2 times a day at 6 weeks or so (already have several cans of it) and br___tfeed.But i figured full br___t milk will be better. I don't want to go buy a pump because we're kind of on a budget.thanks.


Val - November 13

Are you planning to feed the expressed milk to your baby? If so, you may want to look into a manual (non-electric) hand pump....it's not as easy as an electric (from what I've heard - I have an electric one and haven't tried my manual yet), but probably easier to catch the milk than if you hand-express (I only do that in the shower, when I'm not trying to save the milk). Be careful if you try to do both formula and b___stmilk... pumping and feeding (especially feeding) the baby keeps up your supply - if you don't feed as much/as often, your supply may drop. The Kellymom website has lots of good info on b___stfeeding... good luck to you!


excited2bemama - November 13

Totally agree with VAL- it can be difficult to do both if you don't have too I wouldn't. b/c of supply and demand. if you dont want to buy a pump then don't just nurse. Breasfeeding is FREE. Formula is expensive even if you already have a few cans ( you have to use the same stuff - don't swtich back and forth between different kinds) Pumping is actually more work than nursing. If you can't afford a electric pump get a manual one. I only hand express inthe shower. Its painful and I never get much out. Pumps are not really necessary but more of a convience to use- plus if you have more than one child you can use the pump again and if you think about its cheeper than buying formula. I wouldn't rely on hand expression as a reliable means to get enough milk for someone else to feed the baby.


CJMITCH44 - December 4

Hi! Right now I am pumping and dumping until I can get off some medication. When I say "pump" I mean hand expressing. For me it is alot easier to do than using a pump, even the hospital grade one. It is a lot messier because your milk can and will squirt in every single direction (yes, I even got myself in the eye) but it is much less ha__sle. I saw the technique on how to do it in a book, and can't really think of how to describe it here,but once you get it mastered it's really easy! Good Luck!


Emmie - December 4

hand expressing is not fun at all-I would get a pump. I had a Advent manuel pump and it was the best. With the electric pump I got about 2 ozs with the manuel I got 6oz.



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