Has Anyone Breastfed For Only A Couple Of Months

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Lashunda - May 28

I'm wondering because I plan on doing that and what would be the outcome of br___tfeeding and switching to formula. Has anyone done this?


C - May 28

I didn't but I know a lot of people that have and had no problems. i only planned to nurse for 6 weeks but I decided to give pumping a chance and it worked well for us. I enjoyed the cost saving benefits of not buying a ton of formula. I did use formula too starting at about 4-6 weeks.


Susan W - May 29

That was sorta my plan . . .to try nursing for a little while and then switch. But when I realized just how much formula costs on a monthly basis and the health benefits to both mom and baby from nursing for at least 6 months and preferably a year, I decided to keep going. And I'm STILL nursing 21 months later! It turned into my favorite part of being a mom. I lost all the pregnancy weight plus some, have a decreased risk of various cancers, did not need birth control for an entire year because I didn't have a period for that whole time and my baby has only been sick once in his life so far (!). I'm glad I stuck to it, but I really wasn't sure at the beginning. I would say try it, don't set a date you'll stop at and just see what happens. Once you stop nursing, you can't really go back without a lot of hard work. And you can offset the price of a good pump and pump instead of buying formula with the savings of buying formula for at least 10 months, as your baby should have formula or b___stmilk as the primary source of nutrition for at least the first year. Good luck.


Lashunda - May 29

Hey C, did you start with the formula all of a sudden or did you gradually offer it? I'm thinking about pumping but the pumps are expensive.


chris mandola - May 29

Hi, Alot of women find it too hard to bf after going back to work. It's easiest to gradually cut back on bf, then you won't be engorged.


karine - May 31

lashunda....here is what i baught http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=3999188 and it works really good. i have no probs with it...of course i paid more cause iam in canada. you could pump at work and nurse morning and night (to make sure to keep your supply up) with this pump i have no prob. pumping 2-4ounces in 10minutes. try it out...you dont have much too lose....formula is soooo expensive..the pump will be paid within 3weeks .


Susan W - June 1

Or check into renting a good pump. Many lactation consultants rent them. I know most hospitals offer rentals. Seriously, renting or buying a pump will save you money. I babysit a kid who is formula fed, and his formula costs his parents over $100 a MONTH; he's on ProSoBee and gets 36 ounces a day, so it's not like he's unusual or anything. Made me really grateful to save that much by b___stfeeding!


BeckyM - June 1

To Lashunda.......I have the Ameda Purely Yours pump......I bought it new with a car adapter for 215.00, but I have seen them on Ebay for a LOT less, some less than $50. I got a new one because I wanted to have recourse should it break, but the cost savings of a used one might be worth it for someone. I know everyone says not to buy a used pump because of the hygiene issue, but with this particular pump, the only parts that touch your milk can be sterilized, so I wouldn't be too worried. And even paying full price for it new is cheaper than several months of formula.


Lashunda - June 1

Do any of you know if you can use any pump with any name brand bottles, like Playtex bottles? Or does it matter?


Brenda - June 2

I had planned to only bf but i was hit with reality when i had to go back to college after my dd was 3 months i started to cut down a fedding at a time and i would supplement her with formula. She was difficult at the begenning but eventually from being hungry she took it. Plus in order to make it easier for her to take it I used to warm up the water. I then started to work so i stopped pumping and i started to give her formula a lot more i increased the formula and i wasn't as engorged as I was when I started. I still try to bf just because it is so special but its more like a snack and not a meal. Plus she is eating solids and she likes to bite me so that is another reason why I cut down on the b___st time. If I didn't have to go back to school or work i would have for sure kept b___st feeding till my dd said no more. But it works fine just ask your pediatrician on what type of formula they recommend and remember that they have samples and they sometimes give you some. Best of Luck and dont feel bad if you circ_mstances dont permit you to b___st feed for a long time. Much Luck


Susan W - June 2

I think it might depend on the pump if you can use any bottle; you might be able to check online or call the manufacturer if you have a brand in mind already. I have an Aveda Isis that I used to help with engorgement (another story for another time) and I think it only takes Aveda bottles, but I've never tried. Next time I babysit this formula fed kid (his mom is off today and Monday) I'll see if it takes his Playtex bottles and let you know. But it's only a hand pump, and unless you have a let down like I do -- practically a milk cow, lol -- it's probably not practical to use several times a day. . . .And Brenda has worked out a good compromise.


karine - June 2

Lashunda....my first years double pump takes any bottle...they give an extra piece..so you can fit wide neck and regular bottles.



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